Dr. Fisseha M. Alemayehu

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"In my opinion, teaching is the most rewarding profession that someone could possibly have. As a teacher, you plant a seed of knowledge in the brains of curious minds and you harvest human beings with greater aspirations and happiness!"
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Dr. Rajan Alex

Professor of Computer Science

"My students can expect to be enlightened on the concepts of programming paradigms. They will learn to become programmers by using programming languages as a tool to solve problems."
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William Ambrose

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

"Teaching mathematics is so enjoyable because it has so many applications to others disciplines."
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Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharia

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"Education is for enlightenment and empowerment."  
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Dr. Erick Butler

Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering

"Students are visual and relational. We must be engaging in the classroom and have practical examples that will not only prepare them for the real world, but also commit to creative ways that can assist in their learning process. I hope my students understand my strong commitment to this mission when I teach my courses."
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Dr. Gerald Chen

Associate Professor of Engineering Technology

""I enjoy helping my students apply what they learn in the class to the workplace and get great satisfaction hearing about former students and seeing them succeed in their professions."
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Dr. Randel L. Combs

Associate Professor of Mathematics
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Dr. Kristina Gill

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Adams
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H. Paul Haiduk

Instructor of Computer Sciences

"Computer science trains students to really understand the inner workings of computing devices and software. Thus, our job in the computer science program is to train students to be Jedi warriors in the world of hacking and to always be vigilant against the Sith (the dark side hackers bent upon destruction, power, etc.). Students studying Computer Science can expect to work incredibly hard. Those who are successful can expect significant rewards, not the least of which are $$$$. May the Force be with you."
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Lina Hajje

Instructor of Mathematics

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift. That’s why we call it present."
Lina Hajje's Bio


Dr. Nathan Howell

Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering

"Engineering is, in many ways, an approach to solving problems more than a discipline of study. I encourage students to T-H-I-N-K more than anything else. Your value as an engineer rests in your ability to think well for the benefit of others. I value all my students too much to get them through a class of mine without honing their critical thinking abilities."
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Dr. Emily Hunt

Dean, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is an exciting field to be in because it is always advancing, both with new technologies and methods of teaching."
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Dr. Roy Issa

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

At West Texas A&M University, I have the opportunity to teach smaller size classes. I enjoy teaching in this environment because it allows more interaction between the students and the faculty. This also translates to a higher quality of teaching where the faculty has more time to mentor to individual students."
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Dr. Matt Jackson

Associate Dean, Bell Helicopter Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"I love teaching and seeing the lights come on in students heads when they start grasping the ideas."
Dr. Jackson's Bio


Duane Jacobs

Instructor of Mathematics

"My greatest thrill as a teacher is helping students learn to teach mathematics to themselves."
Duane Jacobs' Bio


Gregg Lawler

Instructor of Mathematics
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Dr. Kenneth Leitch

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

"When you graduate, your education does not end. Continue to learn something new everyday."
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Dr. Pam Lockwood-Cooke

Associate Dean, Professor of Mathematics

"I chose mathematics as a major in college because it was what I was good at. I stayed in mathematics and became an applied mathematician because of the limitless possibilities for applying mathematics to other fields. You can change the world by solving a math problem!"
Dr. Lockwood-Cooke's Bio


Dr. Emad Manla

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

"My goal as an educator is to motivate students to graduate from college having acquired three things: the necessary skills to think critically, the maximum knowledge they can obtain, and the warmest memories they can recollect."
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Dr. Audrey Meador

Instructor of Mathematics

"You never truly understand the beauty of a subject unless you have taught it to someone else. I have a passion for my subject and teach so that my students can hopefully gain that same appreciation for mathematics."
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Dr. Anirban Pal

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"The world will never run out of problems and an engineering education is about becoming ready to solve some of them."
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Dr. Joshua Partheepan

Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." Proverbs 9:10
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Dr. Dusan Ramljak

Adjunct Instructor

"If someone else has done it, you can do it as well. You can do even more, therefore, when in rush slow down, when not in rush hurry up. Idle time is wasted time and time is wasted in the haste and procrastination." Quoted my father Stipe Ramljak and grandfather Svetislav Ivanovic
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Dr. Daniel Seth

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Math is paradoxical, fun and hard at the same time. Success in math is akin to success in athletics or music, it requires a lot of practice and perseverance.
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Kim Seward

Instructor of Mathematics


Kenneth Starcher

Instructor of Engineering Technology


Dr. Anitha Subburaj

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."- Albert Einstein
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Dr. Vinitha Hannah Subburaj

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation."- African Proverb
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Melissa Timmons

Instructor of Mathematics

"I enjoy teaching my students mathematics and watching them overcome their previous aversion to the subject. I believe that anyone can do mathematics, it just takes a willingness to try."
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Preston Tirey

Instructor of Mathematics


Dr. Vinu Unnikrishnan

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
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Matthew Whigham

Assistant Professor


Dr. Harry (Qingquan) Wu

Instructor of Mathematics

"The growth of my students, both academically and professionally, is the biggest paycheck for me."
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Dr. Yong Yang

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." - Albert Einstein
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