Department of Sports and Exercise Sciences

May be either depending on option selected.

Major in Sports and Exercise Sciences- Applied Sport Degree (Major Code: 150)

This degree track prepares the major for varying employment opportunities in a wide variety of sport fields, and physical activity/wellness settings in the community, corporate, health-related, and therapeutic domains. Additionally, this track, through appropriate use of electives, provides for the preparation for an alternative format for teacher certification.

This degree is for the student that wants:
  • an in-depth coaching curriculum, including the scientific foundation for athletic performance and skill acquisition
  • to focus on youth, collegiate, and private-sector sports and coaching
  • preparation for national credentialing examinations in fitness, wellness, and strength training.
NOTE:  if one later decides to pursue coaching in the public schools, post-graduate courses may be taken that prepare you to meet the state teacher certification requirements.
This degree includes the following courses:
  • SES 1301 – Foundations of Sport and Exercise Sciences 
  • SES 2342 - Personal Fitness Concepts
  • SES 2372 - Philosophy in Sport and Exercise Sciences 
  • SES 3302 - Structural and Mechanical Kinesiology 
  • SES 3304 - Measurement and Evaluation Techniques 
  • SES 3311 - Principles of Instruction in Physical Activity 
  • SES 3340 - Sport Nutrition or SES 3320 Instructional Methodologies for Youth 
  • SES 3341 - Exercise Physiology or SES 4341 Sport Biomechanics
  • SES 3356 - Theory and Practice of Strength Training and Conditioning 
  • SES 4302 - Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition 
  • SES 4322 - Applied Instruction in Physical Activity 
  • SES 4325 - Sport Psychology  or SES 4328 – Psychology of Injury
  • SES 4326 - Sport Sociology 
  • SES 4327 - Exercise Psychology 
  • SES 4330 - Professional Issues in SES
  • Electives (up to 27 hours by advisement)