Department of Sports and Exercise Sciences

May be either depending on option selected.

Major in Sports and Exercise Sciences- Exercise Science Degree (Major Code: 117)


This degree track prepares a student for employment in a variety of sport performance and rehabilitative settings. Additionally, this degree track, through appropriate use of electives, provides for preparation for graduate programs in exercise science, allied health, or other related areas.


 This degree is for the student that wants:
  •  an in-depth exercise science curriculum focused on biomechanics, exercise physiology and multiple areas of human performance
  • to seek further education in occupational therapy, physical therapy or other areas of medicine
  • direct involvement with human performance research through activities in the Biomechanics and Human Performance Research Laboratories.

 This degree includes the following courses:

  • ATTR 3308, SES 1301, 3302, 3304, 3340, 3341, 3356, 4302, 4327, 4330, 4343, 4340, 4341, 4394, 4442
Additional requirements for Bachelor’s of Science students include:
  • BIOL 1406, 1407, CHEM 1411, 1412, PHYS 1401, 1402, PSYC 3310