Texas Regulations

Regulations are how a government handles the day to day administration of government. The Texas government publishes proposed regulations every Friday in the Texas Register. Each entry includes the text of a proposed regulation, an address for written comments, a deadline for those comments, and (occasionally) supplementary information. Once the deadline (at least 30 days) has passed, the agency will review all comments received and (usually) publish the final version of the regulation. Occasionally, when changes are needed, an amended version of the proposed regulation will be published with a request for further comment. When the regulation is then finalized, the final version is published in the Texas Register with an effective date. Regulations that are not acted upon within six months are withdrawn. These individual regulations are then cumulated and codified into one of 16 subject titles in the Texas Administrative Code, which is revised annually.

How Do I Find Regulations on the Web?

Texas Administrative Code
Free access which is "approximately one week behind the current effective date". For example, rules with an effective date of April 1, 2000, would be included in the database on approximately April 8, 2000. Not searchable and does not include any graphics, such as tables or charts.
Texas Register
Full text of the last year of the Texas Register. Available in two formats -- HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF. Previous years of the Texas Register are available in paper (January 1976 - September 1991) and from the University of North Texas back issue archive (1991 - present). While the official site includes some indexes, the back issue archive at UNT provides online keyword searching.

How Do I Find Regulations By Subject?

When looking for regulations by subject, begin with the Texas Administrative Code on the Internet. There is no subject index, so you will need to browse through the available titles looking for the most appropriate section. If that fails, try to find an article in a magazine or newspaper that refers to the regulatory information you need.

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