Borrowing from the Library

Books and other library materials are checked out at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Cornette Library. Circulation also handles course reserves, maintains the photocopiers, processes fines and lost books, and handles lost and found items. The Circulation Staff will also help you renew your library books or find books which are not on the shelf.

You are responsible for returning or renewing library materials by the date they are due. Any overdue item is subject to fines. When library materials are 5 days overdue a courtesy reminder will be emailed to you. Failure to receive this notice in no way relieves you of the obligation to return the materials and/or pay the associated overdue fines.

Getting a Library Card

West Texas A&M University students, faculty, staff, and retirees are automatically registered to check out library material with your Buffalo Gold Card. You must have your Buffalo Gold Card with you and present it at the Circulation Desk in order to check out materials. Other options are available for Friends of the Cornette Library and library users with TexShare cards. Special cards are issued to Destination WT students and to Region 16 Teachers.

Checkout Periods

Your Category Loan Period # of Books # of Renewals
Undergraduate Students,
AHS Intl. Bacc., Destination WT,
Contract Labor
21 days1005
Faculty, Retired Faculty,
Faculty Emeriti, PTI, Staff,
Retired Staff
120 days1003
Friends of the Cornette
120 days15 total, 5 IRC3
Graduate Students, GA,
TA, RA, AAC, Thesis
120 Days1000
Books due at end of semester
(5/15, 8/15, 12/15)
TexShare, Camps,
Continuing Ed., Visiting Scholars
21 days20 total, 5 IRC5

Patron Groups

Interlibrary Loan

Have you encountered an article or book for which you can't get the full text? We'll borrow it from another library for you. This service is typically free of charge.

Computer Use Policy

Priorities For Use of Computers

  1. All education, research, and administrative purposes of West Texas A&M University
  2. Other uses indirectly related to West Texas A&M University purposes

General Rules for Use of Computers

Use computers and the computer network consistently with stated priorities. Those needing to use computers and the network for reasons consistent with the first priority will be given preference in access.

Do not use the network to violate any laws or other university policies, including policies stated in the Code of Student Life PDF, the Faculty Handbook PDF, and the Texas A&M University System Policy Manual.

Community Use of Computers

WTAMU allows community members, when visiting Cornette Library, the privilege of using the Library's computers under the following conditions:

Library Gift Policy

Cornette Library gladly accepts donations of books and other library materials.

Cornette Library does not normally accept the following types of materials:

If you have any questions, please contact Gonda Stayton. gdstayton@wtamu.edu

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