Science Education Resources

United States

NASA's Education Program
Resources for educators and students at all levels. Includes a List of All Educator Grades K-12 and Higher Education Faculty Projects and a List of All Student Grades K-12 and Higher Education Projects.
National Park Service: Teachers
Links that bring national parks into the science classroom. Options include distance learning, field trips, and curriculum materials in addition to accredited professional development opportunities for teachers.
U.S. Geological Survey: Education Resources
Seeks to promote scientific literacy among people of all ages. Dedicated to K-12 and undergraduate education, exploration, and life-long learning. Here students can explore things on, in, around, and about the Earth such as animals, land, water, and maps. It also shows how the topics of Biology, Geology, Geography, and Water help children understand our changing world.
EPA Environmental Education Publications
Guidelines and resources for teachers on how to teach environmental education.
Smithsonian - Science and Technology
Lesson plans and activities for a variety of topics, including gems and minerals, animals, insects, archaeology, botany, and marine life. Teachers
Has activities and lesson plans for topics such as art, history, math, money, reading, and science. Web content from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations. The official kid’s portal from the federal government.


Information on curriculum, assessment, rules, and professional development. From the Texas Education Agency.
Texas Parks and Wildlife: Classroom Resources
Activities and lesson plans for children that include observing, collecting data, and drawing conclusions; aquatic activities; and exploring Texas.
STAAR Science Resources
For science educators teaching in Texas. Its purpose is to provide the science education community with resources for implementing the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) for science. STAAR replaced Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in 2012.


Teaching Earth Science (
A collection of classroom activities and lesson plans.

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