The Director of Procurement & Contracts and HUB program (Contract Administration) is tasked with the responsibility of preparing and documenting WTAMU's written delegation of authority, in conjunction with the Office of Risk Management for contract administration. This document is reviewed on an annual basis with updates made as needed.
Written contracts shall be executed whenever WTAMU enters into a binding agreement with another party that involves any stated or implied consideration.
Contracts are construed to include but not be limited to, the following: purchase orders, service agreements, cooperative agreements, memoranda of understanding, interagency contracts, grants loans, easements licenses, leases, and permits, and amendments, modifications, and extensions of those contracts. Other parties include, but are not limited to: federal, state and local governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, business entities (such as corporations or partnerships), and individuals.
A contract or request for a contract (which may consist of a contract provided by another party) may originate from and be recommended by one of the following: Contract Administration, a principal investigator, department head, dean, vice president, or the president.

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