Groups and Workshops

Fall 2020 Groups

  • Common Place

    • Are you navigating the spectrum of gender or sexuality and wanting support? Consider attending Common Place, a confidential drop-in support group for those who are navigating gender identity and/or sexuality. This group is facilitated by LGBTQ affirming and knowledgeable counselors from Student Counseling Services at WT.

    • When: Fridays, 12 PM--1 PM

    • Where: Student Counseling Services Group Room, CC 116

  • Life Skills Workshoop
    • This group is a weekly group to learn skills to cope with the variety of stressors life throw at you.

    • When: Wednesdays, 12:20 PM--1:20 PM

    • Where: CC 105

  • Think Like a Boss Anxiety Managment

    • This group is a weekly support group for students that explores hands-on strategies and skills on navigating anxiety. No appointments required. Drop-ins encouraged!

    • When: Wednesdays, 12 PM--1 PM

    • Where: Buff Branding Room, JBK 12 


For more information on all groups and workshops, please call Student Counseling Services at 806-651-2340.

If you have recently attended one of our groups or workshops, please provide us feedback through our presentation evaluation.