Class of 2012

McNair Scholar Mentor Title of Research
 Jeffrey Castillo  Dr. Heidi Taylor  "Nursing Attitudes Towards Obesity and Obese Patients
 Izaak Chavez  Dr. Butler Cain, Professor Randy Ray  "The State of the Amarillo Music Scene"
 Mitchell Farley  Dr. Roy Issa  "Implementing Solar Distillation in the Purification of Contaminated Water"
 Cecilia Hernandez Dr. Mo Cuevas  "Refugee’s Education Experience in the Texas Panhandle"
 Justine Lasley  Dr. Maxine Debutte-Smith  "The Effects of Estrogen as a Neuroprotectant Against Progressing Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease in Middle-Aged Female Rats"
 Nicholas Marmolejo  Dr. Meagan Brock  "Evaluating the Relationship Between Ethical Climates and Reported Counterproductive Work Behaviors"
 Jennifer Morse  Dr. Tim Atchinson  "Effects of Acetaminophen on Test Anxiety"
 Yessenia Valdez  Dr. Andrew Reynolds  "Benefits vs. Hindrances: The Effects of Prejudices and Discrimination of Hispanics Who Keep Their Heritage Spanish Language on the Decision on Whether to Embrace Their Heritage Spanish Language and the Cultural Aspects Lost as a Result"
 Ana Valdez  Professor Mary Jane Cruz "A Study on Texas Mathematics Programs for English Language Learners (ELL)" 
 Craig Watts  Dr. Paul Clark  "Oral History of Veterans of the United States Military"