Board of Directors

The Original Texan's marble sculpture in the Pedestrian Mall.

Foundation Board of Directors

Foundation Accountability

WTAMU Foundation Board of Directors 2017-2018

First Row - Bob Hatton, Lilith Brainard, Alice O'Brien, Lilia Escajeda, Lezlie Davis (WTAMU Assistant VP for Philanthropy Services), Kristi Britten, Puff Niegos (Past President), and Claudia Stuart

Second Row - Alan Rhodes, Sam Lovelady, Shyla Buckner (Treasurer), Jim J. Brewer (President Elect), Parman Reynolds, and Greg Bynum

Third Row - David Cook, Brent McClure, Randy Sharp, Steve Urban, Wade Shaffer (faculty member), and J. Pat Richmond

Fourth Row - David Schaeffer, Mike Wartes, Randy Rikel (WTAMU VP for Business and Finance), Ed Dowdy, Walter Wendler (WTAMU President), Joe Bill Sherrod, and Don Patterson

Not in Picture:  Mark Bivins, John Frantz, Rob Mansfield, Chris Matthews, Andrew Mitchell (President), Jeff Nunn, and Todd Rasberry (WTAMU VP for Philanthropy and External Relations)