Approved Driver Training

West Texas A&M University requires that employees and student employees take approved driver safety training before operating University vehicles. Please contact the Old Sub Building Safety Office (#806-651-2134) to take the training to be placed on the Approved Drivers List.



The following safety trainings are available online in the TAMUS Human Resources Training System:











Back Safety Training

Fire Safety Test

Food Safety Basics

General Radiation Safety Refresher Training

General Storm Water Awareness

Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication and Laboratory Safety

Shots Fired, Shots Fired on Campus (#2111160)

Flash Point, Flash Point on Campus (#2111162)

2111525 : Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training - System Version

This online course covers the following topics: 1) applicable regulations and definitions of common terms; 2) occurrence and symptoms of the most common bloodborne diseases; 3) how bloodborne pathogens may be transmitted; 4) what an Exposure Control Plan is and its key provisions; 5) exposure determination, including what workplace procedures might cause exposure; 6) control methods used to prevent exposures; 7) Hepatitis B vaccine program offered to potentially exposed employees; 8) emergency procedures to follow when blood or other potentially infectious materials may be present; 9) procedures to follow if an exposure incident does occur, including post-exposure inoculations and post-exposure evaluation and follow up; and 10) signs and labels used for bloodborne pathogens and other biohazardous materials.

After completing the BBP training, a HBV vaccination form must be filled out and sent to the safety office and risk management.

Exposure Incident Reporting

If a bloodborne pathogens exposure incident should occur, report the incident immediately to your supervisor and the safety office. In addition, complete and submit a First Report of Injury form to HR and, if a contaminated sharps was involved, a Contaminated Sharps Injury Reporting Form.

Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety - Training


West Texas A&M University offers free CPR/AED training through Student Medical Services (Virgil Henson Activities Center Room #104) for students, faculty, and staff.  Please take the initiative to make our campus a safer place by signing up today!  For more information call Student Medical Services at #806-651-3287.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Incident Command System (ICS) Training:


Additional Occupational Safety & Health Training:

#700-Introduction to Safety Management

#702-Effective Accident Investigation

#704-Hazard Analysis & Control

#705-Hazard Communication Program

#706-Effective Job Hazard Analysis

#709-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

#710-Energy Control Program (Lockout/Tagout)

#711-Introduction to Ergonomics

#712-Safety Supervision & Leadership

#713-Confined Space Safety

#714-Fall Protection Program

#715-Electrical Safety Basics

#755-Bloodborne Pathogens

Heat Related Illness (HRI) Prevention