Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board’s purpose is to provide the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business with a competitive advantage and opportunities to interact with the business community. The board’s role is to:

  • Offer perspective on issues affecting business with education or research implications or opportunities.
  • Communicate needs and requirements so graduates develop necessary skills, talents and attributes.
  • Provide feedback about the future relevance of degree programs.
  • Serve as a sounding board for new initiatives, research projects and external activities.
  • Provide assistance on college strategy and execution and anywhere the dean could benefit from an outside perspective.
  • Be college ambassadors in the community, with alumni and organizations.
  • Recruit students into credit programs and place upon graduation.
  • Assist with financial development needs.

Professional Advisory Board Members

David Clark, Enterprise Medical Management, Ltd.
Osman Dana, McDonald's of Amarillo and Canyon
Dr. Nick Gerlich, West Texas A&M University
Tony Liles, Cintas Corporation
Tim McDonald, Great Plains Ag Credit
Will Miller, FirstBank Southwest
John Navarrete, Navajo Office Products, LLC
P.J. Pronger, SBDC
Heather Reid, Johnson & Sheldon, P.C.
Alan Roberson, Merrill Lynch
Jeffery Sumpter, Hudgins Crosier Sumpter, P.C.
Ladonna Troutman, Wells Fargo 
David Terry, Enterprise Center

Emeritus Professional Advisory Board Members

Quinn Alexander, First United Bank & Mayor of Canyon
Ray Bain, First United Bank
Cliff Baker, Panhandle-Plains Student Loan Center
Carolyn Balzar, Bank of America
Adair Buckner, Buckner & Cross, P.C.
Michael Callahan, Harrington Regional Medical Center
Rosemartha Cates, The Donut Stop
J. Michael Connor, Connor, McMillon, Mitchell & Shennum, PLLC
Daryl Curtis, Daryl Curtis Wealth Builders
Hassan Dana, McDonald’s of Amarillo and Canyon
Robert A. Ehlers, The Texas TaxBack Insurance Agency
Smith Ellis, FirstBank Southwest
Wayne Fox, WCF Development
Jack Hudgins, Hudgins Crosier Sumpter, P.C.
Lance Jones, Brown, Graham & Company, P.C.
Alan Kennon, Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic, P.A.
Mike Kimmins, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC
Lorene Lacer, Xcel Energy
John Marmaduke, Hastings Entertainment, Inc.
W.A. McCarty, Jr., McCarty-Hull, Inc.
Greg Mitchell, Toot’n Totum
Jeff Nunn, Citizens Bank
J. Pat Richmond, Glazer’s of Texas-Amarillo
Dr. Jason Robinson, Bell Helicopter
Doris Rogers, Personal Services Consultant
Gary Wells, Happy State Bank
David Wilder, P&E Leasing, Inc.

Student Advisory Board 

The Student Advisory Board’s purpose is to provide on-going advice about issues and operations to the dean and associate dean. The board is a liaison between students, faculty, administrators and stakeholders. It has a role in improvement and reputation enhancement efforts. Issues relating to program improvement, scheduling, marketing, travel, faculty awards, student awards and employment opportunities are standard agenda items for each meeting.

Student Advisory Board Members

Emily Gross, M.B.A. in CIS
Daniel Hix, B.B.A. in CIS
Yelithza Morales, M.B.A.
Sara Koepp, B.B.A. in International Business
Thao Nguyen, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Trang Nguyen, B.B.A. in International Business
Kelsey Pruett, B.B.A. in Finance & Management
Sandra Ramirez, B.B.A. in Finance & Accounting
Salvador Ruiz, B.B.A. in Marketing

Emeritus Student Advisory Board Members

Andrew Bennett, M.B.A.
Terio Bost, B.B.A. in Economics & Finance
Harrison Boyd, M.P.A. in Accounting
Luis Cruz, B.B.A. Finance
Mary Dittfurth, B.B.A. student in Management
Tien Doan, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Paul Fridenstine, M.B.A., Healthcare Concentration
Wesley Friske, M.B.A., Marketing Concentration
Mario Gallardo, M.B.A., Marketing Concentration
Manuel Garcia, M.B.A.
Laura Beth Hallman, B.B.A. student in Finance and M.S.F.E.
Seth Hoelscher, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Austin Jones, M.P.A.
Chunmi Kim, M.P.A.
Ramya Kotapalli, M.B.A.,CIS Concentration
John (J.T.) Laramore, M.B.A.
Xiaojuan Leanne Liao, M.B.A.
Zach Leininger, B.B.A. in Finance & Economics
Karina Linardy, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Alexandra Long, M.P.A. student
Andres F. Diaz Lopez, M.B.A. CIS Concentration

Jeanette Martin, B.B.A. in Marketing
Eyoel Mengesha, M.B.A. and M.S. in Finance & Economics
Doron Majngarten, M.B.A.
Daniel McCauley, B.B.A. in Finance
Emilee McKnight, M.P.A.
Robert King, M.B.A. and M.S. in Finance & Economics
Zaid Maaytah, M.B.A. and M.S. in Finance & Economics
Karissa Milu, M.B.A.
Y Ngoc Ngo, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Blas Romel Ngolo Zakete, B.B.A in Finance

Ethan Peterson, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Patrick Pollard, M.B.A.
Rosaly Quintero, M.B.A.
Ana Ramirez, M.B.A.
Jose Rodriguez, B.B.A. in Management
Romi Sanchez, M.B.A.
Vitaliy Skorodziyeskiy, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Brittany Taylor, B.B.A. Management
Ly Tran, M.B.A. in Healthcare Management
Trent Trahern, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Linh Trieu, B.B.A. Finance
Vanessa Humphrey Voelkel, B.B.A. Finance
Kelley Walls, B.B.A., Economics
Sebron Young, B.B.A., Computer Information Systems
Adrian Walker, B.B.A. Finance and Economics
Jeri (J.J.) Walker, M.B.A., Management Concentration
Ryan Watson, B.B.A., Computer Information Systems
Kyle Williams, M.S. in Finance & Economics
Miles Zachary, M.S. in Finance & Economics

*If you are interested in a position on the Student Advisory Board, email Betty Stocker ( a cover letter and resume.


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