Kids Kollege

Child Care

Educating Tomorrow's Best, Today

Kids Kollege is a state-licensed child-care facility that serves the University community year round. Children between the ages of eighteen months and five years are eligible to register.

Kids Kollege offers five classrooms: children between eighteen months and two years of age, children two to two and one half years of age, two and a half to three years of age, and one four to five year preschool classrooms. Each classroom is divided into interest centers including blocks, housekeeping, art, books, puzzles, writing, and science. Teachers change materials periodically to meet the interests and needs of the children. Each center is furnished with developmentally appropriate materials for the age group it services. The children's day is divided into center time, outside time and small- and large-group activities. A hot lunch is served daily as well as a morning and afternoon snack.

Kids Kollege is staffed by a full-time director, a full-time assistant director, a part-time pre-kindergarten teacher, a part-time teacher in each of the younger classrooms and a number of student assistants. The child-staff ratio meets and exceeds the requirements set by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Child Care Licensing. This enables Kids Kollege staff members to provide more individual attention to each child. Panhandle Work Source Child Care Services, a state child-care rating agency, has given Kid's Kollege designated Texas Rising Star vendor status.

Scheduling Options

Full Day and Half Days:

  • Monday-Friday
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Tuesday, Thursday


Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters
7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Registration and Tuition

There is a $30 initial registration fee per child.  In addition, a $25 per child supply fee is assessed each semester. Tuition is due one month in advance. Tuition rates are subject to change.  Please contact the school office for current rates.


Young children develop their highest potential physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally in a safe and nurturing environment. By creating opportunities for children to engage in self-planned as well as staff-directed activities, the needs of the individual child as well as the group as a whole are met. The Kid's Kollege curriculum focuses on key experiences such as creative representation, language and literacy, social skills, classifications, movement, space and music. Thematic units used throughout the year encourage active learning.


Darla Jenkins, director

Christy Stockton, assistant director