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Health and Safety

Fire Safety in the Halls

Have an Exit Strategy

In case of fire, the best way out may not be the way in...

The State Fire Marshal's Office has adopted the National Fire Protection Association, Life Safety Code 101 (2009 edition) as the fire code that applies to university buildings regardless of when the buildings were constructed. Over the past several years, the State Fire Marshal's Office has conducted tours of all residence halls at each public university in the state. The Fire Marshall identified conditions that did not comply with the fire code. Our University works closely with the State Fire Marshall to develop projects to remedy these conditions as they are brought to our attention and to adopt fire safety measures recommended by the State Fire Marshal. 

West Texas A&M University is committed to the safety of all residents and is working diligently to maintain a safe environment in the residence halls. Rules and regulations, including the prohibition of smoking, candles and incense, restrictions on appliances, and scheduled fire drills throughout the year are in place and are an important parts of the fire safety plan at WTAMU. Additionally, hall staffs conduct health and safety checks in all residents' rooms throughout the semester and attempt to identify safety issues. Should you have any questions, contact the Office of Residential Living at 806-651-3000.


Immunizations required are:

State of Texas now requires any new student (undergraduate or graduate) who will be enrolled with the University to be immunized against bacterial meningitis. More information on bacterial meningitis immunizations.

Immunizations recommended are:

  • Hepatitis B - Three shots over a six-month period - Hepatitis is a disease that attacks the liver and can be fatal. It is required in public schools for anyone 15 and younger, but traditional college freshmen are not required to have the vaccine.
  • Chicken Pox - Two shots - If you haven't had chicken pox, discuss this vaccine with your health care provider.  Chicken pox in adults is a serious condition.

For more information about immunizations, contact Student Medical Services.

WTAMU's Emergency Contact System

Buff Alert Buff Alert is an emergency notification service that gives West Texas A&M the ability to communicate health and safety emergency information quickly - by email and text message. By enrolling in Buff Alert, university officials can quickly pass on safety-related information, regardless of your location.