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Dr. Wendler's weekly articles express ideas and views of the power of higher education, and its impact on society. These are intended to comment on how universities work and the value they bring to individuals and the larger community – musings intended to cause reflective thought about our nation’s universities. Read more at walterwendler.com.

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President Wendler and host Randy Ray sit down with a member of the WT family once a month for a podcast titled Reflections from WT. From student leadership to the arts and sciences, Dr. Wendler, Ray and a featured guest share their own insights, experiences and reflections on the spirit of WT.

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Episode Transcripts

Angela Allen and Deandra Murray
Dr. Wade Shaffer
Dr. Dirk Nelson
Angel Tree
Randy's Class Asks Dr. Wendler
Dr. Paul Morley
Pillars of Leadership with Missy Macon
Buffalo Stadium Grand Opening
Carol Lovelady from Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum Transcript
New WT Grad Khashari Wilson Transcript
Buff Basketball's Ryan Quaid and Lady Buff Track and Field's Fatim Affessi Transcript
Special Edition with TAMUS Regent Elaine Mendoza Transcript
Men of Honor Transcript
Director of Admissions Jeff Baylor Transcript
Dean of Engineering Dr. Emily Hunt Transcript
Transfer and Family Orientation Coordinator Miguel Soto Transcript
Art History Professor Dr. Amy Von Lintel Transcript
Student Body President Chandler Huddleston Transcript
Head Football Coach Hunter Hughes Transcript