Department of Information Resources - State agency charged with the oversight of information resource purchases for the State Of Texas.

Electronic State Business Daily (Marketplace) - Search for business activity by state agency name or number. Procurement opportunities with state agencies.

HUB Mentor Protege Agreements (Agency Approved) - List of agency approved HUB mentor protege agreements and their sponsoring agencies.

HUB Mentor Protege Agreement Program

Vendor Request/Change Form - Requesting a new vendor and changing existing vendor information.

State Comptroller Vendor Payment Information - Does a state agency owe you money? Search this site to find the date of payment, using your FEIN, SSN or business name.

State of Texas

Texas Administrative Code - Administration of state laws that govern the way state agencies do business.

Texas Online - Government accessibility for Texas residents and businesses.

Texas Procurement and Support Services - Procurement, HUB and master bidders list for vendors and state agencies.

WTAMU Travel Program - Employee travel rules, procedures and forms.

Encumbrance release - Department request to release an encumbrance from a Purchase Order or Blanket.