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Guy P. Yates Speech Camp

The summer workshop camp at West Texas A&M University has been created to welcome all high school students
who are interested in a challenging and exciting theatre, debate and oral interpretation experience.

June 22-29, 2014
Ages: 14-18

    Students will attend sessions aimed at building debate skills. They will write cases and study philosophy. Students will have practice debates in which they will receive individual critiques in order to better prepare them for the upcoming year.
    Students will work towards enhancing current debate skills.  In addition to sessions aimed at case development and philosophy, students will learn how to answer new age argumentation.  Practice rounds will be held for students to showcase their knowledge and talent. 
    Students will learn the basic foundations of the event. They will prepare cases and disads for the upcoming year. They will have practice rounds in which they will receive individual instruction and critiques.  Information will be shared from both labs. 
    Students will improve existing skills and receive hands-on instruction. They will prepare cases and disads for the upcoming year. Students will be in several practice rounds.
    Students will prepare two events by the end of the session. Students can work on humorous interpretation, dramatic interppretation, prose or poetry. Students will be guided through literature selection, cutting, character development and performance techniques. Broken into small labs for individualized instruction, students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a festival at the end of the camp.
    Due to the growing popularity of public forum and requests for extemporaneous speaking sessions, this year we are excited to offer a combined PFD/Extemp summer workshop. Students will divide their time between learning public forum debate strategies, extemporaneous structures and filing techniques. Focus will be placed on ensuring students have the necessary knowledge of current events to start the year off successfully, in two of the most exciting events offered in the forensics community!
    This can be taken for college credit or for information only. Coaches will be instructed in the events that are offered at camp. They will have the opportunity to learn to coach events and receive instruction in running various types of programs. It is interactive with the students.

Speech students eating lunch


STAFF: Comprised of coaches from across the nation, the camp staff is full of extraordinary coaching talent with more than 100 years of diverse coaching experience that will provide campers with the traditional fundamentals of competition as well as the cutting edge in events ranging from debate to oral interpretation. The knowledge of our staff as state and nationally recognized competitors and coaches make sessions fun, interesting and filled with information to take students to the next level of forensics competition.

FUN: We always make time between speaking and debating to have a little fun. There is never a dull moment in the evenings, as our staff hosts exciting events in the dorms.

Fees - Staying on Campus
A fee of $600 is required for all campers; this fee covers tuition, room and board. All campers will be staying in air-conditioned dorms.

Fees - Commuters
A fee of $475 is required for all commuter campers with meals included or $400 without meals included.

Nonrefundable deposit of $350 must be received by June 1,  2013. The remainder of the fees must be paid in cash, school check or credit card if paid at registration. In the event that camp does not receive enough entries by the deadline, we reserve the right to cancel and all fees will be refunded.

Students can earn up to $50 in discounts. A student may claim one discount in each section.
Section 1 (Choose One):
$25 - Competed at the Guy P. Yates Invitational in the fall
$25 - Competed in one of the UIL district tournaments hosted at WT
$25 - Qualified for TFA state
$25 - Qualified for UIL state or regional competition
$25 - Qualified for NFL national competition
$25 - Student has previously attended WT speech camp

Section 2 (Choose One):
$25 - Registration and deposit is received by June 1, 2013.

Late Fees
A fee of $50 will be charged to anyone who has not completed payment by the first day of camp.

Students should plan to arrive on campus at the Fine Arts Complex for registration between 1 and 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 23.

Shuttle Transportation
Shuttle transportation from the airport is an additional $10 each way.
Students should plan to arrive on June 23 on flights between noon and 3 p.m.
Camp ends at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 30.  Flights from Amarillo will be scheduled to fly out after 2 p.m.

Car Transportation
Students who are leaving a car or commuting must purchase a parking permit for $10.

Camp Director Connie McKee
(806) 651-2415

Assistant Director Dalinda Andrade
(469) 438-1929



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