What is an Honors Capstone or Thesis?

The Honors Capstone or Thesis represents a final work or project completed, typically, during the student's senior year.  Honors Theses and Capstones are a hallmark component of an Honors education within Honors Programs and Colleges around the world.  

The decision as to whether a capstone project or a thesis is appropriate often lends itself to the discipline represented.  Regardless, the Honors Capstone or Thesis will:

  • be developed and completed independently by the student under the direction of an academic advisor in their department
  • be completed over the course of a semester or even a year
  • result in a fully developed scholarly academic work
  • generally be presented at a local, regional, or discipline specific conference

Below are examples of previous Attebury Honors Scholar capstone or thesis projects:

Biology Capstone by Christina Pool

Biology Capstone by Cynthia Reinoso

CIS Thesis by Lori Cillo

Communication Thesis by Katie Gustainis

Communication Thesis by Eva Harder

Communication Thesis by Kirk Scarbrough

Economics and Finance by Kenny Clift

Engineering Capstone by Anthony Megel

English Capstone by Carmen Terrell

English Capstone by Garrett Yeats

History Thesis by Blaise Adams

History Thesis by Annessa Stagner

Mass Communication - Broadcasting Thesis by Keltin Wiens and blog

Mathematics Thesis by Penelope Ellis

Nursing Thesis by Michelle Campbell

Political Science Thesis by Lee Stizel

Political Science Thesis by Lauren Thedford

Theatre Capstone by Kate Felkins

Theatre Capstone by Casey Hayes

Theatre Capstone by Alan Kahn

Wildlife Biology Thesis by Stephanie Cox Pattison