Standard admission requirements for the Attebury Honors Program are:

Incoming Freshmen
26 or greater ACT Composite
1270 or greater SAT Score (math + critical thinking)

Community College Transfers
Cumulative transfer GPA of 3.5 or higher

Current WTAMU Students
Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher on 18 hours or more of WTAMU course work

Students joining the Attebury Honors Program must meet the following requirements in order to graduate with designation as an Attebury Honors Scholar:

  • 1 hour - Honors I Seminar, HNRS 2171, in the first semester (new honors students)
  • 6 hours - Core courses in Honors format or foreign language completed at the university level
  • 6 hours - Honors seminars, HNRS 2373/3373
  • 3 hours - Honors capstone or thesis
  • Present at one research conference
  • Attend at least one Honors colloquia each fall and spring semester
  • Maintain a cumulative 3.5 or higher GPA and a 3.0 or higher in all Honors required courses
  • Complete a minimum of 4 continuous long semesters with the Attebury Honors Program
  • Receive honors advising each fall and spring semester
Variance from these requirements may be granted by the honors director.


Grades are reviewed each semester. The following minimum academic standards should be maintained:
  • 3.5 cumulative GPA to graduate as an Attebury Honors Scholar including a 3.0 or better in honors required courses.
  • 3.25/3.35 cumulative GPA to remain in good standing and be eligible for financial support with, but not limited to, study abroad, conferences and internships
  • 3.0-3.25 cumulative GPA (freshman and sophomores) places student on probationary status with the program pending review the following semester
  • 3.0-3.35 cumulative GPA (juniors and seniors) places student on probationary status with the program pending review the following semester
  • Below 3.0 cumulative GPA places student subject to immediate review and termination from the program

Any student with a decline for 2 consecutive semesters in the term GPA resulting in a cumulative GPA below 3.25  will be subject to termination from the program.


In order to graduate as an Attebury Honors Scholar, students must complete a capstone or thesis experience. While students register for a capstone or thesis class for only one semester, the experience generally encompasses two or more semesters. Students are required to present their capstone thesis project in a discipline appropriate format.

Faculty and staff work out the details of this requirement with students individually as the experience varies greatly between disciplines. Discussion about capstone or thesis experiences should begin during the first semester of one's junior year.  A capstone/thesis contract must be completed and returned prior to enrollment in the capstone/thesis course.