When should I apply?
Applications are accepted throughout the year. However, it is recommended students submit their application as early as possible to insure they receive important communications about orientations, meetings and other activities.

When will I be notified of acceptance to the Attebury Honors program?
Students are generally notified by mail and email within a week to10 days of program admission status.

Are honors classes more difficult? How are they different?
Generally, only honors students may enroll in honors courses and enrollment is limited to no more than 20 students. Although each honors faculty member conducts their class as appropriate to the discipline, the courses are intended to offer a discussion and/or experiential learning perspective rather than the standard lecture only. The courses are intended to present a different way of learning rather than a higher level of difficulty.

Will taking Honors courses lengthen the time it takes for me to graduate?
You will not be required to retake courses for which you already have credit through CLEP, dual credit or transfer from another college. Honors seminar hours must be taken through the WTAMU Attebury Honors Program and are offered each long semester as well as the mini-sessions in May and December. For most students, honors required courses fulfill the core requirements, are already required for the student’s major and/or count as elective credit within the plan of study. Generally, honors students are able to work in the required courses within the normal length of time it takes to complete the planned program.

What if I have completed core classes prior to joining the program?
Students will not be asked to retake courses for which they received credit prior to entering the program. However, all students that wish to graduate as an Attebury Honors Scholar must complete the Honors Freshman Seminar class and 6 hours of core in honors format or 9 hours of core in honors format.

Will it take longer to graduate by completing honors requirements?
Honors core classes fulfill the same University requirements as regular format courses. The additional honors specific courses frequently can be used to fulfill electives in a student's plan. In some cases, honors classes are "extra" and do not apply to a student's plan.

What is colloquia?
Colloquium means "conversation." Colloquia are honors approved events that occur thorughout the semester providing students the opportunity to enrich their undergraduate and honors experience through luncheons, dinners, workshops, guest lecturers and special events.