Note to Faculty:  The Attebury Honors Program continues to provide an Honors education for some of the best and brightest students at WTAMU.  This is only possible through the dedicated support of our faculty.  If  you desire to become a part of this team of scholars, please complete this application.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Pamela Lockwood at ext. 2536 or for additional information.  We look forward to receiving your application.

Note to Students:  During your college experience at West Texas A&M University, you will meet and interact with hundreds of outstanding faculty.  Within this group, there is a smaller subset who have expressed their desire to go the extra mile and have become involved with the Honors Program.  Most of these faculty have received Honors Faculty designation.  Without these important individuals, the Attebury Honors students would not receive the amazing benefits and opportunities afforded to them.  While the list below is continually updated, it may not be all inclusive of every faculty member working with the honors program and our students.  Please use this list as a resource should you have questions about a major you are considering, need assistance locating special opportunities such as internships in your area of interest, are seeking a senior capstone/thesis advisor, or have other questions. 

Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Dr. D. Rosa, Economics
Dr. N. Terry, Dean of the College of Business
Dr. A. Macy-Terry, Finance

Department of Art, Theatre, and Dance

R. Brantley, Theatre

Department of Communication

Dr. K. Drumheller, Communication
Dr. T. Hanson, Department Head
Dr. J. Mallard, Communication
Dr. E. Osei-Hwere, Mass Communication

Department of Education

G. Fox, Director of Teacher Preparation and Advising

School of Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics

Dr. F. Davis, Engineering
Dr. E. Hunt, Dean of School of Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics

Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages

Dr. D. Hart, Philosophy
Dr. A. Hunt, English
Dr. B. MacDonald, English
Dr. B. Roos, English
T. Trela, English

Department of History

Dr. B. Brasington, History
Dr. E. Clark, History
Dr. M. Kuhlman, History
Dr. B. Pearson, History
Dr. W. Shaffer, Provost &Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. B. Vizzini, History

Department of Life, Earth, and Environmental Sciences

Dr. C. Bouma, Biology
Dr. R. Matlack, Biology
Dr. R. Ward, Biology

Department of Management, Marketing, and General Business

Dr. N. Gerlich, Marketing

Department of Mathematics

Dr. P. LockwoodMathematics

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Dr. N. Flynn, Department Head
Dr. J. Woodyard, Chemistry

Department of Music

Dr. R. Hansen, Department Head

Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice

Dr. H. Hueston, Criminal Justice
Dr. D. Rausch, Political Science
Dr. R. Welch, Political Science

Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work

Dr. J. Kunz, Sociology
Dr. M. Loya, Social Work

Department of Sports and Exercise Sciences

Dr. C. Chase, Sports and Exercise Science