Dr. Harry Hueston

Harry R. Hueston, II, Ph.D.

Professor of Criminal Justice

Office: Old Main, Room 408B
Phone: 806-651-2421
Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Professional Profile

Dr. Hueston joined the Department of Criminal Justice in May 2000. He retired as the Chief of Police from the University of Arizona in May 2000, after 30 years in law enforcement serving in various positions in Ohio, California, Arizona and the U.S. Army Military Police.  Dr. Hueston received his B.S. degree in education from Kent State University in 1971. He received masters' degrees in public administration and criminal justice administration from   Ohio State University in 1975. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in education and criminal justice administration in 1997.  He is certified as a peace officer in Ohio, Arizona and with the U.S. Army. 

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Hueston teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate criminal justice courses at WTAMU, including courses in the Honors Program. Some of his courses are Crime in America, Criminal Investigations, Terrorism, Agrosecurity, Victimology, Community Policing and Managing Police Organizations.

Dr. Hueston authored Terrorism 101 with Dr. Bryan Vizzini. He has presented to numerous local, state, regional, national and international conferences on various topics involving police management, terrorism, Islam, agroterrorism  and race relations. Dr. Hueston has served on numerous campus committees including Faculty Senate (as president), Institutional Research, Committee on Diversification, Faculty Development Leave, and he is on the Steering Committee with Amarillo College for its annual Women in Criminal Justice Conference.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Hueston research interests are evolving.  He is currently working with two other Professors in Education on classroom violence.  In addition, he works with the campus Chief of Police in developing programs for students, faculty, and staff on how to handle an active shooter.  He is also working with another professor in agriculture in developing a course on agrosecurity for graduate students.  He will continue to seek research that pertains to criminal justice, terrorism, and campus violence.

Personal Sketch

Dr. Hueston is a Dad to two daughters who now have given him two sons-in-law, eight grandbabies, and lots of joy for he and his wife, Maryann. The Huestons enjoy playing with their grandbabies, driving regularly to Tucson and Denver, and family reunions. Dr. Hueston is a avid racquetball player and golfer; he invites students to participate regularly in these sports. He also loves teaching and loves his students!