Recognizing Excellence in Faculty

Dr. Pond and Dr. Posey


Congratulations to Dr. Dan Posey for being recognized as the College 2019-2020 Instructional Excellence Award recipient.

Dr. Posey is a member of the joint WT/VERO program. His teaching student evaluations are rated as one of the top instructors in the Department.

His evaluations include touching comments from students: Dr. Posey is an amazing teacher, listener, and was always interested in how we were doing in life not just from a school prospective. He worked hard to make sure everyone was successful and met the requirements for the class as well as just being a good person. He definitely knows a lot about being a Veterinarian, but I believe the life skills and fun stories he shared with us made the greatest impact on the students in my class.

Congratulations, Dr. Posey. Thank you for caring about our WTAMU students.

Photo: Dr. Kevin Pond; Dean and Dr. Dan Posey. Photo credit: Ellis Vidmar.



Dr. Pond and Dr. Hiranuma


Congratulations to Dr. Naruki Hiranuma for being recognized as the College 2019-2020 Intellectual Contribution Excellence Award recipient.

Dr. Hiranuma is faculty in the Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Dr. Hiranuma is the recipient of a Department of Energy Career Award and a National Science Foundation Career award. Department Head, Dr. Sissom, shares that "Getting Career Awards in two consecutive years is a truly exceptional achievement."

Students under his direction have received travel/research grants to conduct research in foreign labs (including Germany, Japan, and the Ny-Ålesund Atmosphere Flagship at the Norwegian Polar Institute), and one received an award for best student presentation in the AMS Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Student Presentation Competition. 

Congratulations, Dr. Hiranuma. Thank you for inspiring our WTAMU students.

Photo: Dr. Hiranuma and Dr. Pond, Dean. Photo credit: Ellis Vidmar


Dr. Pond and Dr. McGovern


Congratulations to Dr. Greg McGovern for being recognized as the College 2019-2020 Service Contribution Excellence Award recipient.

Dr. McGovern is a valuable faculty member of the Department of Chemistry and Physics.

Department Head, Dr. Khan, shares that Dr. McGovern runs the NMR facility and was elected to be the 2019 Chair of the Local Section of the American Chemical Society - where he is actively involved in coordinating the Outstanding Chemistry Student Award Dinner. Dr. McGovern was also in charge of coordinating with Pantex to host two Science Bowls for both the middle school and high school science bowls, and has worked closely with Camp Tatanka kids (elementary school aged) and upward bound students (high school aged) on various science related projects.

Congratulations, Dr. McGovern. Thank you for your service to WTAMU students and our community.

Photo: Dr. Greg McGovern and Dr. Kevin Pond, Dean. Photo credit: Ellis Vidmar.