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Guidance Resources offers specific COVID-19 related tools and resources to help you through these unprecedented times and meet the challenges that are presenting to your life.
Wellness Challenges


April is Water Conservation Month!


Don't be like a cactus! Drink your water this month! Water is important for every vital body function, and even the slightest of dehydration can create complications for your entire system.

Remember, the recommendation of 8 cups of water per day is what adults need to be drinking. While this may be good advice for healthy individuals, after years of research and multiple studies (here's one), it is found that certain conditions, like Thyroid, liver, or kidney diseases may require specific amounts of water intake. Make sure to check with your doctor first if you have any health conditions.

Dehydration should be avoided by everyone, though.

This month we challenge you to consume 32 oz of water during the work day. Can you do it?? If you have a desk calendar, keep track of meeting your goal on there. Then at the end of the month, there will be a form to submit asking how many days you reached the goal!








Wellness is a way of living that nurtures your overall well-being to enhance your quality of life. WellWT is West Texas A&M University’s official employee wellness program designed to encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles, to support a healthy workplace, and to create a culture of wellness on campus.



Upcoming Guidance Resources Live Webinars

All of the following webinars are Live and Interactive, on the day shown at 11AM Central Time. Click the event to register. If a link is not provided, one will be made available soon. If the event has passed, you will be able to view a recording of the webinar by clicking the link provided. Feel free to rewatch as often as you wish!


January 15th: Loneliness & Isolation in Today's World (Recording)

January 22nd: Coping During Uncertain Times (Recording)

January 29th: Developing Will-Power and Self-Control (Recording)



February 5th: Get Moving, An Introduction to Exercise (Recording)

February 12: Laughter, Humor, Play to Reduce Stress (Recording)

February 19th: Staying Engaged & Advancing Your Career as a Remote Employee (Recording)

February 26th: Being a Socially Responsble Person (Recording)



March 5th: Healthy Food Choices on the Go (Recording)

March 12th:  Eating Healthy on a Budget (Recording)

March 26th: Emotional Eating: The Connection Between Mood and Food(Recording)



April 9th: Using Guided Imagery for Wellness and Stress Reduction (Recording)

April 16th: Building Your Child's Self Esteem (Recording)

April 23rd: Reinventing Yourself (Recording)

April 30th: Bringing Out the Best in Others (recording)



May 7th: Parenting Toddlers (Registration)

May 14th: Hobbies For Mental and Physical Health (Registration)

May 21st: Healthy Lifestyle: Changing The Way You Think About Diet and Exercise (Coming soon)

May 28th: Extracurricular Activitites: How Much is Too Much (Registration)

On-Campus Resources

Here you will find the resources available to you right on campus. Click the links provided to learn more!

Wellness Clinic  
Wellness Release Time (Non-Faculty)  

Off-Campus Resources

WTAMU is also priveleged to have access to a number of off-campus services. Each of these services provides unique content to address a variety of topics. Some of these services do require qualifying conditions or criteria to utilize. You can find all of these resources and others in one convenient location at

When you access MyEvive, type in The Texas A&M System to get access to our unique dashboard.

Click the links provided below to learn more!

ComPsych/Guidance Resources  
Naturally Slim  
Well OnTarget  
Blue 365  
FitBit discounts  
Hinge Health  
Ovia Health