Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is one of the assets of West Texas A&M University. Our perspective of academic excellence specifically includes multiple aspects of diversity. Academic excellence results in part, from opportunities to create, interact, and benefit from association with others.


Donning of the Stoles

Donning of the Stoles

Friday, May 10, 2019
6:00 P.M.
Alumni Banquet Hall

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The Donning ceremony is an African American, Hispanic, and International tradition where parents, family and friends place the stole on the graduate before graduation. A family member or friend is given 3 minutes to express what the graduation/student means to their family. The ceremony is a very heartfelt and warm celebration as the graduate prepares for moving on to the next stage in their life. Donning Group Photo

The WTAMU family would like for as many graduates as possible to share in this celebration.

If you want to purchase a stole for graduation you still have time! You may purchase your stole from any vendor you choose but if you are looking for a place to purchase one, you may want to try this website below: It is the Midwest Global Group, Inc. Global Textiles and Handcrafts and they have several options of stoles to choose from and the shipping is minimal. Vision Wear International specializes in International Stoles.

Please make sure your stole will arrive prior to May 10, 2019

For more information please contact the Office for Diversity and Inclusion 806 651-8480
or email us at


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Student Body President Edward Akinyemi - Welcome to WT

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Donning of the Stoles

6 p.m. Friday • May 10
Alumni Banquet Hall



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