Staff Council Awards & Recognition


Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our July 2020 Employee of the Month, Heather Wilson! Heather is the Coordinator of Graduate School & Research.  While we are unable at this time to host a reception in her honor, we want to make sure she is celebrated and appreciated.  Please leave a message on her EOM post on the Staff Council Facebook page!


How Can I Nominate a Deserving Employee?

WTAMU appreciates the efforts of the employees to achieve goals and maintain the vision of the University. Outstanding employees are to be recognized both as a reward for their performance but also to serve as a model for other employees. To nominate a deserving co-worker:­ please submit a nomination form through Submittable at All part-time and full-time WTAMU Staff and SSC employees are eligible to be nominated for Employee of the Month. (Please review the the nomination process rules, procedures and eligibility for nomination before submitting a nomination.)

July 2020 EOM
Staff Excellence Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 Staff Excellence Award winners, Kat Kane and Jon Davis! Kat is the Associate Director of Residential Living, and Jon is the Assistant Vice President of Student Enrollment, Engagement and Success.

Employee of the Year

Every May, all of the winners of the Employee of the Month award are voted upon by the entire staff to be selected as the Employee of the Year. They are announced at the annual All-Staff Awards Luncheon in June.

Please join us in congratulating Sgt. Barbara Ferrera, the 2019 Employee of the Year! Sgt. Ferrera is a Police Sergeant for the University Police Department.