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Note* - This page is under construction and continually being updated. Please check back regularly for updates. Thank you for your patience. 

Welcome to Buff $mart, WT's new money management program for students.

What we do:

Buff $mart improves students’ understanding of financial literacy concepts and services, empowering students to make informed choices to improve their financial well-being.  We provide money management workshops, classroom presentations, one-on-one peer financial coaching, outreach programs and online resources. Our services are for currently enrolled students and cover topics such as budgeting, understanding financial aid, credit management and money management after college.  

About Us:

Our mission is to provide students financial education to prepare them to make wise financial choices and become financially independent.  

Our Vision is to lead the development of Financial Education of students, faculty and staff which promotes students’ financial and academic success. 

Our Services:

Buff Smart