International Freshman

International Freshman

Who is a Freshman?

A student who has completed secondary studies (high school) and who has not attended an institution of higher learning (college/university).

How do I apply for admission? (Application Deadlines)

  1. Submit Texas Common Application and pay $90 application fee (Online)
  2. Submit official transcripts to a university approved Foreign Credential Evaluation Service
  3. Submit foreign credential evaluation report and transcripts to International Student Office
  4. Submit Proof of English Proficiency

SAT/ACT Examinations

West Texas A&M University does not require an SAT or ACT of international applicants for the purpose of admission review.  However,  an SAT or ACT is required for international applicants interested in competing for scholarship awards.  

Scholarship Awards for International Students

West Texas A&M University offers numerous academic scholarships to qualified first-time, incoming freshmen who submit admission and scholarship applications by December 1 (for early action consideration of our most prestigious awards) or Feb. 1 (priority date). Please review the information below for further details regarding available opportunities. Scholarships are competitive and the number of awards and amounts are subject to availability.

Award Level

Amount Per Year

ACT or SAT Score*


High School GPA

Academic Scholar





Distinguished Scholar





Discovery Scholar





 * ACT composite score or SAT critical reading and math sections

How do I apply for a visa?

You will need an I-20 form for use in the visa application process. Once you are notified of admission, you will be asked to submit proof of finances for your first year of studies to receive an I-20 form.

The Int’l Student Office will accept proof of financial resources from a variety of sources for issuance of the I-20 form including private funds, university funds, and sponsoring company, agency or government funds.  
Private Funds
University Funds
Sponsoring Company/Agency or Government Funds 

Are there other requirements?

Vaccinations - The bacterial meningitis vaccination is required of all students attending WTAMU. Please submit required Bacterial Meningitis Form  as proof of vaccination.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) - Foreign applicant will meet TSI requirements (unless exempt) once they are admitted and arrive on campus.

Athletes - Please be aware there are NCAA requirements that must be met to play sports at WTAMU. Meeting NCAA eligibility is a separate process from the application/admission process. Please work with your coach to apply for and meet NCAA eligibility requirements.

Who do I contact if I need assistance with the application/admission process? 

International Student Services
E-mail -
Phone- 806-651-2073
Fax - 806-651-2071