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Advising: Transfer Student Mentors

Transfer Student Mentors

The WTAMU Transfer Student Mentors are a group of transfer students who are available to assist current and prospective students in all aspects of their WTAMU career.  The Transfer Student Mentors come from diverse backgrounds, various colleges/universities, and have different educational majors and goals. Please feel free to contact any and all with any questions you have.


 Candice Copelin Candice Copelin

Classification: Junior
Major: Social Sciences
Previous college/university attended: Midwestern University, South Plains College
Hometown: Spur, TX

Plans after graduation: After graduation I plan to attain my Masters at West Texas A&M in upper-level education. I want to be an advisor at the great university of WT. It has taken me so long to figure out what I want to do with my life; I hope to help others figure out sooner without wasting as many resources as I did!

Most important advice for new transfer students: Get involved on campus and learn how to study! These are huge factors in a successful (and enjoyable!) experience at college!
 Eric Dennis Eric Dennis

Classification: Senior
Major: 4-8 English Language Arts/Reading Education
Previous college/university attended: Amarillo College
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

Plans after graduation: I will be working towards getting hired as an English Language Arts teacher for an area middle school where I can finally start my new rewarding career as an educator!

Most important advice for new transfer students: Work hard but not too hard. Have fun but not too much fun. Find the balance and you will do great.

 Jenny Detten Jenny Detten

Classification: Senior
Major: Management
Previous college/university attended: Amarillo College
Hometown: Panhandle, TX

Plans after graduation: I plan to obtain an office management position as I build my personal capital to the point where I can start my own business as a boutique owner and operator. My merchandise will include home décor, handmade quilts, refinished furniture, and other items.

Most important advice for new transfer students: My advice to transfer stuents would be to make this opportunity yours. This is your chance to be the person you want to be. You don't have to be who you were before. If you were shy, bring out your inner spirit and be the loud crazy one! If you weren't the best student before, West Texas A&M is the perfect place to call home; don't be afraid to get out, get involved, and create lasting memories!

 Ashton Feemster

Ashton Feemster

Classification: Senior
Major: EC-6 ESL Education
Previous college/university attended: Sterling College
Hometown: Kim, CO

Plans after graduation: Pursue a teaching job, preferably in the Canyon area.

Most important advice for new transfer students: Try everything! Don't be scared to try new things because you can meet some really great people in the process!

 Andi Flores

Andi Flores

Classification: Senior
Major: Biochemistry
Previous college/university attended: South Plains College
Hometown: Levelland, TX
Plans after graduation: Attend Texas Tech Health Sciences Center to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.
Most important advice for new transfer students: Do not be afraid to ask someone for help.

 Jessie McClellan

Jessie McClellan

Classification: Senior
Major: Animal Science
Previous college/university attended: Salt Lake Community College, Casper College
Hometown: Bluffdale, Utah

Plans after graduation: I plan on continuing my education - furthering my studies in reproduction physiology. I'd like to be a consultant for producers and livestock/horse owners and would like to move back to Utah where I can live close to my family.

Most important advice for new transfer students: Get out and be involved! West Texas A&M is a fantastic community if you'll allow yourself to be a part of it.



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