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Volleyball Rules

Volleyball Rules

(a) League Play

  • Round Robin league play with a single elimination all-university playoff tournament will be scheduled for men, women and co-rec play.
  • The National Federation Rule Book will be used with West Texas A&M University intramural exceptions.  See Section (f).
  • The All-University Championship match will be two (2) out of three (3) games to 15 points with not time limit.  A team must win by two (2) points.

(b) Number of Players

  • A team must have four (4) players and one (1) non-playing person to start a game.
  • Each team must furnish a non-playing person to assist in keeping the score d the back line, if needed as requested by the referee.
  • In the event a team does not satisfy Section (b) 1 and 2 requirements, the clock will start and  the team will receive a forfeit for the first game.
  • The following are exceptions to Section (b) 1:
    • Teams consist of seven (7) people, three (3) men and three (3) women and one (1) non-playing person.
    • A team may play with five (5) people -- two (2) men and two (2) and one (1) non-playing person.
    • A team may play with six (6) people -- two (2) men and three (3) women and one (1) non-playing person.
    • There must be an equal number or more women to start a match.

(c) Player Equipment

  • All players are required to wear any style of non-marking athletic shoe (except cleats, spikes, turf, hiking or sandals)
  • Players will not be permitted to participate in socks or bare feet.

(d) Length of Game

  • Match winners will be the first to win two (2) games.
  • The first and second games will be to fifteen (15) points or fifteen (15) minutes whichever comes first.
  • If a third game is necessary, it will consist of ten (10) points and no clock will be kept.
  • Teams, in the third game, will switch sides of the court at five (5) points in the third game.
  • A team does not have to be ahead by two (2) points to win any game.
  • Time between games shall be two (2) minutes.

(e) Start of Game

  • The following procedure will apply for the coin toss:
    • The visiting team (Team B on the scoresheet) will call the coin toss.
    • The winner will have the following choices:
      • Take the ball
      • Choose a side
  • Team receiving at the start of Game 1, will begin serve in Game 2.
  • If a third game is necessary, Section (3) 1 will be instituted.

(f) General Rules

  • Teams will be limited to two (2) time outs per game.  Each time out will be thirty (30) seconds each.
  • Time outs will not be allowed in the last three (3) minutes of Game 1 and 2.
  • Times outs will not be allowed in Game 3.
  • The referee has the power to make decisions on any questions not specifically stated in the rules.
  • Substitutions can only enter the game in positions five (5) and six (6).  For clarification on this rule, please refer to the Intramurals Handbook which can be picked up in the Intramurals office.
  • The ball must be given immediate impetus; the ball must not visibly come to rest.
  • In playing the ball, a player may use any part of their body above and including the waist.
  • Carrying, lifting, throwing or shoving the ball shall be considered illegal.
  • If two (2) or more players of the same team contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one (1) play and players involved may participate i the next hit.
  • There is a maximum of three (3) hits allowed per team.
  • Blocks do not count as one of the three (3) allowed hits.
  • A ball may be blocked over the net, providing the offensive team has completed its attack on the ball.
  • The attack is considered complete when the ball is spiked or intentionally directed across the net.
  • A ball may not be spiked until some portion of the ball has broken the plane of the net.
  • A player may make successive contacts of a hard driven spiked ball no6t already touched by a teammate, provided the successive contacts constitutes an attempt to play the ball and provided the successive contacts are above and including the waist (arm and head).
  • Players on the back line cannot spike or block the ball while in front of the ten (10) foot line.  They may only "set" the ball.
  • Players may touch the centerline, but may not step beyond the centerline.  (Some part of the foot must stay in contact with the centerline.)
  • The net may not be touched.  When spiking, a player may follow through over the net as long as the player does not touch the net.
  • A ball touching any part of the boundary line is good.
  • Any ball, other than the serve, that touches the net within the standards and goes over the net is still in play.
  • A ball other than the service may be recovered from the net provided the player does not touch the net.
  • If opposing players foul at the same time, a double foul shall be called and the point will be replayed.
  • The team receiving the ball after "side-out" shall rotate one (1) position clockwise before serving.  The exception to this is the first serve of the game by each team and the person starting in the right back position for each team shall serve.
  • Players on both the serving team and the receiving team must not overlap left to right (or right to left) as well a front to back (back to front) until after contact of the service.
  • After contact of the serve, players may play anywhere on the court.
  • The referee will give a visible signal for serve, as well as an audible whistle sound, indicating the server to serve the ball.  Serving prior to this indication will result in a replay.
  • The serve must be contacted within five (5) seconds of the visible and audible signal to serve.
  • The served ball must be given immediate impetus -- it cannot be thrown over the net.
  • As long as a team has one (1) contact remaining, a team may play the ceiling on their side of the net.
  • In Co-Rec competition the following additions apply:
    • If there is more than one (1) contact on a side, the ball must be handled by, both a man and a women.
    • Players must alternate male/female position on the court.