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Student Government

Student Government                           

Student Government is one of the most active student organizations at West Texas A&M University. By evaluating issues that affect the student body, Student Government works closely with faculty and staff to ensure an academically challenging University while providing many opportunities for fun.

Three branches make up Student Government: executive, legislative, and judicial. Each branch represents the student body in a different way, while providing checks and balances on the other branches.

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch


College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

College of Business

School of Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics

College of Education and Social Sciences

Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities

College of Nursing and Health Sciences





West Texas A&M Student GovernmentWest Texas A&M Student GovernmentWest Texas A&M Student Government


Executive Branch                                                                                                        Back to top


Chandler Huddleston

Chandler Huddleston
Student Body President

Phone: 806-651-2386
Office: Jack B. Kelley Student Center, Room 104
Email:­ chuddleston@wtamu.edu

The student body president presides over the executive branch of the Student Government. The president represents the student body and is the principal liaison between WTAMU students and the faculty, staff and administration. The president also acts as the chief executive officer of the Student Government. The president is the official student spokesperson for the University at the local, system, state and national levels. The student body president is responsible for appointing students to University standing committees and is accountable for seeing that all provisions of the WTAMU constitution are faithfully executed.

Legislative Branch                                                                                                      Back to top


Micah Davidson

Micah Davidson
Student Body Vice President
Student Senate President

Phone: 806-651-2387
Office: Jack B. Kelley Student Center, Room 104
Email:­ mdavidson@wtamu.edu

The student body vice president and student senate president is responsible for the legislative branch of Student Government. This branch consists of Student Senate with approximately 35 elected senators who represent WTAMU students in their designated college or freshmen and graduate students. The purpose of student senate is to represent the students' views to the University administration. Through bills, resolutions and committees, Student Senate takes action on various University issues and student concerns.­


Student Government Committees

The four committees within Student Senate develop goals that benefit the entire student body, working to achieve these goals during the semester. The four committees are:

  • Rules and Appropriations - Chair Lindsey O'Neal
  • Academic Affairs - Chair Brice Boyd
  • Student Affairs - Chair Elise Tolley
  • Public Relations - Chair Scout Odegaard

If you would like to get involved with Student Government, consider ­joining Student Senate. Each college is designated a specific number of senators, based on the number of students in their college. If a vacancy is available in your college, download, print, and fill out the application below and bring it by JBK 102.

Online Senate Vacancy Application

Minutes 1.22.18

Minutes 1.29.18

Minutes 2.5.18

Minutes 2.12.18

Minutes 2.19.18

Minutes 2.26.18

Minutes 3.5.18

Minutes 3.19.18

Minutes 3.26.18


Judicial Branch                                                                                                          Back to top


Kacy Segrist

Kacy Segrist
Student Body Chief Justice

Phone: 806-651-2388
Office: Jack B. Kelley Student Center, Room 104
Email:­ ksegrist@wtamu.edu

The chief justice is the presiding officer over the judicial branch of the Student Government and forms the Student Judicial Board (SJB) with four associate justices. The chief justice oversees general elections and referendums.

Reid Turner

  • Associate Justice - Reid Turner
  • Associate Justice -
  • Associate Justice -

­Senators 2016-2017                                                                                                   Back to top

College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences (ANS) - 6 Seats

Scout OdegaardEmily HowellBrice BoydFaith MassingillEsdras RodriquezEnrique Ramirez-Munoz

  • Scout Odegaard
  • Emily Howard
  • Brice Boyd
  • Faith Massingill
  • Esdras Rodriguez
  • Enrique Ramirez-Munoz

­ ­

College of Business  (COB) - 13 Seats                                                                 Back to top
Elise TolleyKarina VillafuerteArne Van MourikMason NavarreteJason Solis      

  • Elise Tolley
  • Karina Villafuerte
  • Arne Van Mourik
  • Mason Navarrete
  • Jason Solis

School of Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics  (ECSM) - 3 Seats      Back to top

Jacob Osborn

  • Jacob Osborn

College of Education and Social Sciences (ESS) - 10 Seats                                    Back to top

Levi ReidLindsey O'NealFabian AcostaRyan FrancisAmanda ClawsonBarbra WalkerLogan Nelson

Chris Jackson

  • Levi Reid
  • Lindsey O'Neal
  • Fabian Acosta
  • Ryan Francis
  • Amanda Clawson
  • Barbra Walker
  • Logan Nelson
  • Chris Jackson

Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities (FAH) - 7 Seats                Back to top

Treston Johnson

  • Treston Johnson
  • Bailey McClure

College of Nursing and Health Sciences (NHS) - 6 Seats                                            Back to top

Amariah Maes

  • Amariah Maes

Freshman - 7 Seats

Colton BourquinErin EnglishMollie TaylorMonica GhoshTaylor Stephenson

  • Colton Bourquin
  • Erin English
  • Mollie Taylor
  • Monica Ghosh
  • Taylor Stephenson

Graduates - 11 Seats

Jeff SchillerJanine Johnson

  • Jeff Schiller

  • Janine Johnson