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Softball Rules

Softball Rules

(a) League Play

  • Round Robin league play with a single elimination all-university playoff tournament will be scheduled for men, women and co-rec play.
  • The American Softball Association (ASA) Rule Book will be used with West Texas A&M University Intramurals exceptions. See Section (f).

(b) Number of Players

  • A team may start a game with nine (9) members present -- eight (8) players and one (1) non-playing person.
  • Each team must furnish a non-playing person to help with the scoring and timing of the game.
  • The following are exceptions to Section (b) 1:
  • Teams consist of ten (10) players, five (5) men and five (5) women and one (1) non-playing person.
  • A team may play with nine (9) players -- four (4) men and four (4) women and one (1) non-playing person.
  • A team cannot play with five (5) men and four (4) women OR four (4) men and five (5) women.
  • There must be an equal number of men and women to start a game.

(c) Player Equipment

  • Soccer type shoes with soft soles and soft rubber cleats are permitted.
  • Any other type of spiked shoe or cleated shoe is strictly prohibited.
  • No steel spikes allowed
  • In the case of questionable equipment, the game supervisors and director will determine if equipment is permitted or prohibited.

(d) Length of Game

  • Game shall consist of seven (7) innings of play; however, no new inning shall begin after 55 minutes.
  • After a team has batted three (3) times and is behind by fifteen (15) or more runs, or after a team has batted four (4) or more times and is behind by ten (10) or more runs, the game shall end. If the team that is behind is the home team, the inning must be completed.
  • In the case of a tie the game will be played until a winner is declared. At this time, each batter will receive an automatic 3-2 count.
  • In the event a game in progress should be delayed or subject to cancellation the field supervisors and umpires shall decide whether to cancel the game.

(e) Start of Game

  • The following procedure will apply for the coin toss:
  • The visiting team (Team B on the score sheet) will call the coin toss.
  • The winner will have the following choices:
  • Bat first.
  • Take the field first.
  • Ground rules will be discussed by the officials before each game with the captains.

(f) General Rules

  • Progressive base stealing shall be illegal.
  • Each foul ball is declared a strike.
  • Batting order must alternate man, woman, man, woman OR woman, man, woman, man, etc.
  • Each team must have two (2) men and two (2) women in the outfield.
  • Pitcher and catcher must be of the opposite sex (pitcher -- man and catcher -- women OR pitcher woman and catcher man.)
  • If a man receives a walk, intentionally or unintentionally, he is automatically awarded second base. He must touch first on the way to second base. This is an appeal play.
  • If a man receives a walk, the next batter has the option to bat or walk. (This rule applies to Co-Rec competition only.)