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Residential Living Rates and Payment

Rates and Payment

Residence Hall Rates

  • Residents beginning occupancy in the fall semester will be charged 60% of the academic year cost in the fall and 40% of the academic year cost in the spring.
  • Residents beginning occupancy in the spring semester will be charged 50% of the academic year cost in the spring.
  • All rates are per person. Rates are based on double occupancy, except in Buff and Conner Halls, in which rates are based on private room (Conner Hall) or­ single bedroom (Buff Hall)­ occupancy.
  • All rates include utilities, basic cable television, Internet service, and laundry.
  • Private room options are not guaranteed and only available after the start of the semester if demand allows.

Residence Hall

Room Style

Academic Year
(Fall 2017 and
Spring 2018)

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Summer 2018
Summer I and II
(per summer session)

Cousins Hall
Stafford Hall

Double Room $3650 $2190 $1460 $1825 N/A
Private Room $5470 $3282 $2188 $2735 N/A

Cross Hall
Guenther Hall
Jones Hall
Shirley Hall

Double Room $4170 $2502 $1668 $2085 N/A
Private Room $6260 $3756 $2504 $3130 N/A

Centennial Hall
Founders Hall

Economy Triple Room $4420 $2652 $1768 $2210 N/A
Double Room $5420 $3252 $2168 $2710 $550 (Centennial)
Private Room $7680 $4608 $3072 $3840 $715 (Centennial)

Buff Hall

Suite-Style Room $7390 $4434 $2956 $3695


Conner Hall

Private Room $5170 $3102 $2068 $2585 N/A


Meal Plan Rates

  • Meals can be used at the Dining Hall.
  • Dining Dollars can be used at the Dining Hall, JBK Food Court, and any on-campus convenience store.

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Meal Plans

Meal Plan Rate*
(per semester)

50 meals and $50 Dining Dollars
Plan does not meet the meal plan requirement
75 meals and $75 Dining Dollars
Plan does not meet the meal plan requirement
175 meals and $300 Dining Dollars
Minimum plan to meet the meal plan requirement
200 meals and $250 Dining Dollars $1810
All Access meals and $150 Dining Dollars
Unlimited access to the Dining Hall­

Summer 2017 Meal Plans

Meal Plan Rate
(per summer session)

60 meals (no Dining Dollars) $495
102 meals (no Dining Dollars) $645


Housing Incentive (FREE Housing)

The benefits of living on campus just got a bit more attractive for students at West Texas A&M University with a new housing incentive that offers up to a year of free housing for students who elect to live on campus during the last two years of their college careers!

Multiple studies have found that students who live on campus do better academically, retain from year to year, are more likely to graduate in four years, and have a stronger satisfaction with their college experience.  WTAMU wants to foster that connection with a one-of-a-kind incentive that encourages students to stay on campus longer.

Below are the details of the new housing incentive.

  • Continual enrollment in the residence halls will be required to receive the housing incentive (four consecutive semesters for first-time enrolled students, two consecutive semesters for transfer students – see below for details).
  • First time enrolled students at WT:  will receive their 6th and 8th semesters free (if in the Spring semester); for students whose 6th/8th semester falls during the Fall term, they will receive a credit equal to the Spring semester rate (40% of the Academic Year cost).
  • For transfer students:  will receive a credit equal to 50% of the Spring semester rate for their 4th and 6th semester (regardless of whether or not it falls in the Spring term).
  • Incentive pricing will be based on the residence hall the student is living in that Academic Year regardless of other halls lived in in past academic years.
  • Your 6th or 8th semester credit will be based on the Spring rate of your Fall housing assignment, regardless of any move made to a more expensive residence hall for the Spring.
  • Current WT students (rising juniors and seniors) are eligible to receive the housing incentive as early as the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Billing and Credit:  The full amount of the housing charge will be placed on the student’s bill and then a credit for the incentive will be issued once eligibility has been confirmed.
  • If a student opts for a paid private room for their 5/6th or 7/8th semesters, the incentive credit will be at the private room rate for the 6th and 8th semesters.

Please contact us directly with any questions regarding WTAMU’s new housing incentive.

Payment Options­

The University offers students three payment options:

  • Pay the entire semester at once
  • Financial aid (scholarships, loans, GI Bill, etc.) applied prior to the beginning of the semester
  • Utilize an optional payment plan (with an administrative fee)

Payments are made to the Business Office