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Buff Branding

Buff Branding, the second part of your orientation experience, is a University tradition that builds on what you learned at New Student Orientation (NSO) and is designed to equip you with what we think you need to succeed -- both inside and outside the classroom.­

Whether you're an extrovert, an introvert or a little of both, we want you to be comfortable at WT. We understand you may feel anxious, excited, nervous, eager; in fact, you may feel all of those things. Buff Branding events are designed to help minimize your nervousness and anxiety, to make certain you understand the expectations associated with your academic experience, and to officially "brand" you as a member of the buffalo family.­­

To register please call Miguel Soto at (806) 651-2313.  If you have already registered during your NSO on the guidebook app, you don't have to register again. 

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