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Basketball Rules

Basketball Rules

(a) League Play

  • Round Robin league play with a single elimination all-university playoff tournament will be schedules for men and women play.
  • The National Federation Rule Book will be used with West Texas A&M University Rec Sports Intramurals exceptions. See Section 5.3 (e).

(b) Number of Players

  • A team may start a game with five (5) members present -- four (4) players and one (1) non-playing person.
  • Each team must furnish a non-playing person to help with the scoring and timing of the game.

(c) Player Equipment

  • Any style of non-marking athletic shoe (except cleats, spikes, turf, hiking or sandals) is acceptable.

(d) Length of Game

  • The game will consist of two (2) 12-minute periods. The clock will start and stop on the referee's signal.
  • Half time shall be five (5) minutes.
  • Each team is limited to three (3) 1-minute times outs per ballgame.
  • In the case of a tie at the end of regulation play, the following procedure will be instituted.
    • Each team will have 1-minute break between regulation play and the start of the overtime period.
    • The overtime period shall be 2-minutes in length.
    • If a winner has not been declared at the end of the first overtime, a sudden death period will be played.
    • In sudden death, the first team to score two (2) -points shall be declared the winner.
    • In the All-University Championship, teams will play as many overtimes as necessary to declare the winner.

(e) General Rules

  • Players may not change numbers once the number is registered on the official score sheet.
  • Technical fouls
  • Two (2) technical fouls in a game on any individual is cause for automatic ejection from the game and the individual must leave the All-Purpose Room.
  • If a team receives three (3) flagrant technical fouls in one (12) game, the game will be terminated and forfeited at this point.
  • Illegal substitutions or too many time outs are technical fouls but are not considered as flagrant technical fouls.
  • Total individual technical fouls shall not exceed three (3). On the fourth technical foul the individual shall be disqualified for the remainder of that sport season.
  • Total team technical fouls shall not exceed six (6). On the seventh team technical foul, the team shall be disqualified for the remainder of that sport season.
  • Technical fouls occurring in the Pre-Holiday Basketball Tournament do count toward the individual and team technical foul totals for the regular season.
  • Dunking before, during and/or after a game will result in a technical foul toward the individual and team totals.
  • A dunk occurring during the game will result in the basket not counting and a technical foul awarded to the team and the individual.
  • One (1) non-playing person is allowed on a team's bench during the game.
  • A coaching box shall be incorporated and will follow the National Federation regulations.