WTAMU showcases a different kind of interactive art on campus


Sept. 26, 2018

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WTAMU showcases a different kind of interactive art on campus


CANYON, Texas – The Tape Art Crew is back in the Texas Panhandle, but this time, they’re at West Texas A&M University beautifying the walls of Mary Moody Northen Hall.

On Sept. 17, Michael Townsend and Leah Smith, tape artists from Rhode Island, came to campus to take on their latest canvas. They had 10 days to complete a masterpiece that would cover the two-story walls of building’s foyer in time for the kick-off opening event of The Arts at WTAMU: A Subscription Series.

“People get excited to see spaces transform,” Smith said. “In architecture, 90 percent of what we see cannot be affected, but tape art allows people to be creative in a space without causing harm to the walls. It’s a way for the public to have a voice that’s kind and respectful.”

Townsend and Smith have created hundreds of murals across the country with multicolor, low-adhesive, paper tape and local voluntary contributors. They have made creations in schools with kids, on city buildings and disaster zones in efforts to knit a community together through collaboration.

The tearing and taping process has been described as an interactive form of expression, and once complete, the mural is often removed within 24 hours - keeping it ephemeral and unique.  

“It’s not difficult to take down the artwork after it’s finished because it’s more than just the finished mural. The art is a performance and even a therapeutic experience because it’s an opportunity to practice patience making many patterns by hand,” Smith said. “Not many art forms allow you to interact with other people the way tape art does, so we like sharing it with as many as possible.”

Friday, Sept. 28 is the last day to view the mural in Mary Moody Northen Hall. The Tape Art Crew will then head to Canadian to participate in the Fall Foliage Festival in October.



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