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Real-Time Shuttle Bus Tracking Makes Parking Simpler at WTAMU

Aug. 1, 2014

COPY BY: Darcy Lively, 806-651-2128, dlively@wtamu.edu

Real-Time Shuttle Bus Tracking Makes Parking Simpler at WTAMU

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CANYON, Texas—Like most college campuses, parking at West Texas A&M University can sometimes present a challenge, but with just a few easy steps and the helpful technology within the WT Mobile app, finding a place to park at WTAMU can be a breeze.

The addition of 430 additional parking places on campus this academic year brings the grand total to 4,687 available spots, but as enrollment at WTAMU reaches close to 9,000 students, it can make for a tight parking squeeze.

When you can’t find a parking spot on or close to campus, don’t drive around in frustrated circles, just head east of WTAMU to the First United Bank Center. From there you can park and grab the Buff Transit shuttle to your campus destination any time between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Not sure when the next shuttle is coming? That’s where the WT Mobile app comes in handy. Thanks to some very cool technology, each shuttle is equipped with a Google Nexus tablet hard wired into the vehicle’s power and directly connected to the Internet. This allows real-time tracking of each shuttle. Select the Buff Transit icon

Buff Transit Icon

on the University homepage or in the WTAMU Mobile app and see the exact location of each shuttle. With three shuttles running, a ride is available at each stop about every 15 minutes. For more shuttle information, check out wtamu.edu/BuffTransit

It’s a great feature that makes parking at WTAMU easy and convenient.

The WTAMU Mobile app also provides instant access to a variety of other WT resources to help keep students up-to-date with WT news and information.

In addition to the Buff Transit feature, the app is a great tool for students to access Buff Advisor, WT Class, the Tuition Calculator and more. Download it today for iOS and Android.




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on 8.30.2014

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