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NCBO Review Proves Successful for WTAMU

Sept. 23, 2013

COPY BY: Rana McDonald, 806-651-2129, rmcdonald@wtamu.edu

NCBO Review Proves Successful for WTAMU’s Developmental Math Students

CANYON, Texas— The Department of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics at West Texas A&M University is finding success with its participation in a statewide effort to decrease the number of first-year college students required to enroll in developmental mathematics.  

WTAMU’s first-year students with a math placement score between 75 and 85 on the Accuplacer placement exam are given the opportunity to participate in a Non-Course Based Option (NCBO)—a three-week algebra review—for developmental mathematics. At the beginning of the fall 2013 semester, 21 students elected to enroll in the NCBO option. At the end of the review, the students took the Accuplacer exam again, and 19 successfully placed out of developmental mathematics and are continuing into college-level mathematics coursework this fall.

“If we were handing out grades for course success, Lina Hajje and our developmental mathematics committee would receive an A for this amazing success rate,” Dr. Nick Flynn, head of the Department of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, said.

The Department of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics was awarded the Texas Higher Education STAR Award in fall 2012 for impacts on Closing the Gaps and improving student success in college-level mathematics.



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