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Goodnight Business Offers Trees for Donations to WTAMU Mascot Habitat

May 29, 2013

COPY BY: Rana McDonald, 806-651-2129, rmcdonald@wtamu.edu

Goodnight Business Offers Trees for Donations to WTAMU Mascot Habitat

CANYON, Texas—Need a tree? Just make a donation to the West Texas A&M University Herdsmen’s mascot habitat, and the Buffalo Gold/Herd Wear Store in Goodnight will let you dig up a tree beginning Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 2.

The Herd Wear Store, located on U.S. Highway 287 in Goodnight, has surplus-planted nursery stock consisting of lacy bark elms, shumard oaks, honey locusts and more. There is no minimum donation required, but donors to the mascot habitat are asked to bring their own shovel and containers. Water will be available on site. The trees have been in the ground from three to five years, and those donating will need to dig carefully to preserve the root systems.

Trees are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Call Darlene or Cecil at 915-247-6601 for more information on the kind and size of trees available and reserve a slot for digging. Actual donation can be made at wtamu.edu/herdsmen, and Darlene and Cecil will take your word that you have donated.

The $150,000 mascot habitat project is a longtime dream of the Herdsmen, the organization responsible for the care and training of the mascot, and Herdsmen adviser Shawn Burns, chief of the University Police Department. Funds raised will provide a permanent habitat that best represents the majesty of the animal and the importance of the University’s mascot. The facility will be located on 15 acres of land at Valley View Road northeast of the First United Bank Center and south of the Stanley Schaeffer Agricultural Learning Lab. Even those who don’t need a tree can support the project. Visit wtamu.edu/herdsmen and click on the “make a gift” tab.   

The Herd Wear store is located in the green metal building at the corner of County Road 25, across from the restored 1886 Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight Buffalo Ranch Headquarters and the newly finished Goodnight Historical Center. Plans to make a day of it and tour the Headquarters and the Historical Center for a small fee.

Right behind the Herd Wear Store, visitors can watch the bison herd and five new calves—all direct descendants of the herd the Goodnights raised there 100 years ago. The University’s first mascot, “Charlie,” was acquired from the Goodnights in 1922.

The Herd Wear Store offers an eye opening collection of practical and useful bison items including bison fiber socks and gloves, bison shearling vests, bison fiber rugs, buffalo art and artifacts and more—all related to the American bison.


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