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Student Internships

Barbwire and open landscape.

Interns play an important role in CSAW’s initiatives. They provide valuable work to the Center; CSAW interns are paid, so the students are able to gain on-the-job experience while also having financial benefits; students from diverse areas of WTAMU are exposed to the American West and to interdisciplinary studies; and the student interns provide valuable feedback on many areas, not the least of which is public outreach.

Students interested in applying for a Fall 2017 internship with CSAW can apply through career services.

Applications are due Sept. 1, 2017.

From our past interns

“While I only interned with CSAW for one semester, my internship was a valuable experience that increased my own appreciation for the region and provided me with many opportunities I would not have been given without the Center. Highlights from my internship include dining with Garry L. Nall lecturers Patty Limerick and S. C. Gwynne, meeting community movers and shakers, attending weekly meetings with the directors where I was treated as a valued team member, volunteering with Wildcat Bluff, and assisting with our partnership with Burrowing Owl Books in Canyon.”

–AJ McCormick, M. A. (English)