Literature: Reference Sources

BookSpot: Book Awards
Links to sites listing the winners of various book awards. Includes brief descriptions of the awards.
Literary Timeline
From The National Council of Teachers of English American Collection, the site marks out significant literary events for each day of the year. A worthwhile site for the literary enthusiast. Has to point to a given month, rather than an index of all, so select the month you prefer from its drop-down menu.
English Literature: A Guide to Reference Sources
A useful guide to conducting research in literature provided by the Cornell University library system. Focusing on print sources, the guide alerts the user to the major research resources used in the study of literature. Note that the call numbers indicated in this guide are not necessarily the call numbers for items held at WTAMU. Search the library catalog, by title, to see if we have a given source and to establish where the source is located.

Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree.
[How to Read, Pt. 2]
Ezra Pound