Archival Content: Links not maintained SPORTDiscus Now Available

SPORTDiscus, considered to be the leading index to world publications on sports, sport medicine and fitness, is now available to faculty, staff, and students at WTAMU. Whether you are looking for basketball coaching tips, or the latest research on biomechanics of bicycling this index will lead you to the information you need. Coverage dates back as early as 1830, so historical perspective is also available.

Created by the Sport Information Resource Centre of Canada, the index also uses the special SIRCThesaurus to reveal related terms specific to sport terminolgy. For example, the subject "ergogenic aid" is related to more specific terms such as "blood doping", "electric stimulation" and "oxygen inhalation".

Every aspect of sports, from the physical to the social and emotional is covered. Some of the topics that may be researched include:

Although SPORTDiscus is an index and does not contain full-text, it is SFX logo enabled, with links to full-text in Cornette Library's other databases.

Only a limited number of licenses are available, so please be sure to click "Logoff" when you have completed your research.

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