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To the WTAMU Community:

This spring and summer, the Cornette Library will be implementing a new system for its catalog, circulation functions, and other library management purposes. The new system, based on computers at Texas A&M University in College Station, will be cooperatively purchased and maintained by several members of the A&M System. The system selected by the participating libraries is produced by Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. ( It has also been adopted by many other academic libraries across the country, and by the Library of Congress. The staff of the Cornette Library looks forward to offering it on our campus.

The Endeavor system will provide a new graphical interface for the library's catalog. It will also provide us with the opportunity to improve the accuracy and clarity of display of the library's holdings. Reports which will help the library's staff assess our collection, focus efforts to improve our holdings, and analyze use of the collection will be easier to produce with the new system.

This implementation is a change of considerable magnitude for the library, and, as is the case with any such change, adjustments will be necessary and some inconveniences will ensue. Here are the issues which I believe will require the most adjustment on the part of library users:

  1. Our catalog will reflect only the holdings of the Cornette Library. On balance, I believe this will prove to be helpful to our patrons. The catalogs of other libraries, including the catalog of the combined holdings of the Harrington Library Consortium (HLC), will be readily available on the World Wide Web, and linked from our Web site.

  2. WTAMU library cards will no longer be accepted at HLC libraries. If you have been relying on your WTAMU card for your borrowing from HLC libraries, please obtain a library card from your local public library immediately. HLC libraries have been asked to stop accepting WTAMU cards after May 15.

  3. Cards from HLC libraries will not be accepted at the Cornette Library after May 15.

  4. While our reciprocal borrowing arrangements with HLC will be terminated on May 15, a number of other reciprocal borrowing agreements will continue with HLC libraries and many other libraries throughout our state and region. Please consult the Cornette Library's circulation desk for more information.

Inevitably, these changes will impose some inconveniences, and, for some of you, substantial alterations in library usage patterns. The benefits of our adoption of the new system, however, will be great. By all indications, the system will be exceptionally well managed, promptly updated, and technologically superior. It will also allow a high level of customization of the catalog and related online services.

While we will no longer be reliant on the Harrington Library Consortium for our catalog and circulation system, the Cornette Library will continue its affiliation with HLC as a partner in other aspects of resource sharing. We will still participate in HLC's courier program, which carries interlibrary loan materials between libraries, and we will contract with HLC for assured access to its online catalog. As library technology evolves, additional future collaborations with our HLC partners will undoubtedly come about.

My colleagues at the Cornette Library and I are very excited about the new system. Its implementation will require lots of work on our part, and your indulgence and patience in the coming months will be deeply appreciated. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We will try to make the transition as smooth as possible, and, once it is installed, we will strive to make the new system perform to the limits of its capabilities on your behalf.

Paul Coleman
University Librarian
Phone: 806/651-2225