Searching for known title

  • Check the Cornette Library Author/Title/Subject Search of the catalog for the title -- use the "Journal Title Keyword" search for important words in the title. Use the "Journal Title Starts With" if you know the EXACT title -- don't use A, An or The at the beginning.
    • If found, note the location (bound, current, microfilm, atrium area or electronic access) for the date needed.
    • Bound, current and microfilm are all on the second floor of the library.
    • Atrium is on the first floor.
  • Search our list of Journal Titles A-Z (also in the "Selected Library Links" dropdown menu).
    • After finding the journal title, click the database link matching the desired date range.
  • If journal is not in either location, and you have a citation for a specific article in a specific issue, request it through Interlibrary Loan. Allow up to 2 weeks for material to arrive.

Searching for Subject Information

  • To list the journals, magazines, newspapers, and government publications that cover a topic, use the Cornette Library online catalog:
    • Enter "(Subject) Periodicals" and specify a Subject Keyword Search
    • Examples: "Education Periodicals" or "Social Work Periodicals"
  • Find a database by subject to research a specific topic.

Physically Locating a Print Journal

  • Journals are shelved alphabetically by title:
    • Initial articles such as A, An or The are not considered.
    • Articles are considered when anywhere else in the title.
  • Within a title, journals are by date or volume number, from earliest to most recent.
  • If a journal has changed title, the catalog record will indicate where it is shelved.
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