FAQ: What Are Government Documents?

Government documents are the official publications (in whatever format -- print, microfiche, or electronic) of a government body (local, state, national, or international). In the Cornette Library, "government documents" refers to a separate collection consisting of the publications of the United States and Texas governments.

Among the many subject areas which can be found in our collection are:

Some subjects and publications, however, are not usually found in government documents. Government information published by private companies as well as cooperative publications (those jointly published by the government and a private organization) are not included. Therefore, we do not receive the Census microfilm which includes detailed biographical and genealogical information. (However, this information is available in a database to which the library subscribes, HeritageQuest Online.) We also do not receive the publications of political parties or campaigns. While election information can be found, it tends to be the results of elections, not campaign information from politicians who are not yet government officials.