Course Reserves

Course Reserves are a collection of books, pamphlets, photocopied materials, etc. which belong to the library or are from the personal collection of one of WTAMU's faculty. These materials are shelved in a closed stack (restricted access) area, but can be checked out by students for a shorter-than-normal period of time. Course Reserves may have 2-hour, 1-day, 3-day, or 7-day check-out periods. Course Reserves with a 2-hour check-out must be used in the library.

Since Course Reserves are in a restricted area, you must request them at the Circulation Desk. If you do not know which materials you need, search the Course Reserve Search in the online catalog. Enter your instructor's name or course number to find out what he/she has placed on reserve.

There are also two large ring binders on the west end of the Circulation Desk. You can find the instructor's name and course number in these books. These binders are photocopies of the same pages that you would view if you found them in the online catalog. The author or file name is highlighted. If your professor has placed sample tests or lecture notes on Reserve, ask for them at the Circulation Desk by professor's name and course number (for instance, Dr. Sissom's Biology 123 lecture notes). These binders will also indicate which reserves are also available online.

Overdue Fines
Check-out TimeFine
2 hours$ .15 per hour
1 day$1.00 per day
3 day$1.00 per day
7 day$1.00 per day