Recalling Library Materials


Any student, faculty, or staff member at West Texas A&M University


Ask to recall a book that is currently checked out by another patron.


You must pick up the Recall Form from the Circulation Desk, complete it, and turn it in to the Head of the Circulation Unit.

Fine Print

  1. The item will only be recalled after the original patron has had the book for a minimum of two (2) weeks.
  2. The Head of the Circulation Unit will notify the original patron that the book must be returned within five (5) days or it will be treated as overdue.
  3. A fine of $1.00 per day will be charged if the original patron fails to return the book. The fine will begin on the sixth (6th) day following the date that the patron received the notice.
  4. The recalled item will be checked out to the patron initiating the recall for a period of two (2) weeks only if the initial patron still needs the book. Otherwise the check out period will be 21 days for students or staff and 120 days for faculty.
  5. NOTE: Certain circumstances may prohibit strict enforcement of this policy.

Any questions? Ask a Librarian, or call us at 806/651-2215.