Overdue Fines


You are responsible for returning or renewing library materials by the date they are due. Any overdue item is subject to fines. When library materials are 5 days overdue a courtesy reminder will be emailed to you. Failure to receive this notice in no way relieves you of the obligation to return the materials and/or pay the associated overdue fines.

Fine Rates

Fines are charged for each day that the Library is open. Overdue items that are returned when the Library is closed may be deposited in one of the "book drops" in the wall near the front (east) entrance or in the wall near the loading dock at the northwest corner of the building. The fine will stop accumulating on the day the materials are left in the "book drop" and may be paid when the library is open.


Payment is made at the Circulation Desk by cash, check, Buffalo Gold Card, or credit/debit card. Only MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted in the Library. Credit card payments may be made online. Check cards are also accepted if they are associated with one of the four credit card companies mentioned above.


Unpaid fines or overdue materials from the Cornette Library will block your borrowing privileges. Unpaid fines and overdue, lost, or damaged items will also prevent you from getting your transcript and/or from registering for classes. See Delinquent Library Accounts for more details.