ENGL 3352 (Dr. Smith): English Literature since 1800

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Reference Sources

English Prose and Criticism in the Nineteenth Century: A Guide to Information Sources
Z 2014 .P795 W54 Ref.
"A compilation of primary and secondary materials on major nineteenth-century writers of prose and criticism." Includes bibliographies, literary history and anthologies, literary and cultural background information, and information, both lists of works and criticism of the works, on thirty-four significant authors of the period.
English Romantic Poetry, 1800-1835: A Guide to Information Sources
Z 2014 .P7 R46 Ref.
Bibliography of resources about English Romantic poetry. Chapters include general and background studies, the Romantic movement, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats, and twelve secondary and minor poets. Published in 1979 so does not include information or criticism published since that time.
Guide to British Poetry Explication, Restoration-Romantic
Z 2014 .P7 M34 1991 v.3 Ref
Lists of explications of poetry including poems of all lengths and "interpretations published in books about single authors as well as collections surveying periods or several poets." Citations only.
Contemporary English Poetry: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism to 1980
Z 2014 .P7 S53 1984 Ref.
An annotated bibliography covering "criticism published in English of contemporary English poetry in general and of six contemporary poets - Donald Davie, Thom Gunn, Geoffrey Hill, Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin, and Charles Tomlinson - in particular." Includes an author index - the author of the item cited and a subject index. Current through early 1980s.
The English Romantic Poets: A Review of Research and Criticism
PR 590 .E5 1985 Ref.
"Surveys of research for the Romantic movement in England and individually for Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, and Keats." Current through 1982.
Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism
PN 761 .N5 Ref.
A multi-volume set published since 1981 providing excerpts of "the most significant interpretations" of the works of authors of the nineteenth century.
Twentieth Century Literary Criticism
PN 771 .T9 Ref.
A multi-volume set published since 1978 introducing "authors who died between 1900 and 1999 and to the most significant interpretations of these author's works."
Contemporary Literary Criticism
PN 771 .C59 Ref.
A multi-volume set published since 1973 providing "critical commentary and general information on more that 2,000 authors now living or who died after December 31, 1999."
Poetry Criticism
PN 1010 .P499 Ref.
A multi-volume set published since 1991 providing "significant criticism of the world's greatest poets" in addition to "supplementary biographical and bibliographical material" on each poet presented.
Encyclopedia of British Writers, 19th Century
PR 451 .E55 2003 v.1 Ref.
Biographical information on a large number of 19th century writers, both the famous and the not-so-famous.
Encyclopedia of British Writers, 20th Century
PR 451 .E55 2003 v. 2 Ref.
Biographical information on a large number of 20th century writers, both the famous and the not-so-famous.
Moulton's Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors
PR 83 M73 1966 Ref.
Volume 3 has the subtitle "The Romantic Period to the Victorian Age," while volume 4 has the subtitle "The Mid-Nineteenth Century to Edwardianism." Brief biographical information and excerpts of critical information available to the early 1960s.
A Library of Literary Criticism: Modern British Literature
PR 473 .T4 Ref.
Brief excerpts of criticism of British authors through the mid-1970s.
An Encyclopedia of British Women Writers
PR 111 .S34 1988 Ref.
Biographical information on nearly 400 British women writers, predominately those who have written from the eighteenth century or later. Includes a list of each author's works as well as a bibliography for each author.
Dictionary of Literary Biography
PS 221 .D5 Ref.
Also referred to as the DLB. Now over 300 volumes, articles in each volume of this set look at an author and offer a career biography of the subject. The intent is "to provide reliable information", to show the author within the broader literary history, and to provide some critical appraisal of the author's work. Use index in latest volume to locate specific author.
Oxford English Dictionary
PE 1625 .O87 1989
A twenty volume set with three supplemental volumes. Provides the "history and development of English words through the last 800 years...illustrating them with numerous quotations from the works of some 5,000 authors."



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To determine the most appropriate subject headings for your search, refer to the red Library of Congress Subject Headings near the Reference computers in the Library or search the online Library of Congress Authorities Catalog.

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How to Access Databases

Literature Resources

MLA Bibliography
Contains citations about language, literature, linguistics and folklore (culture) for journal articles, books and book chapters, dissertations, bibliographies and conference proceedings.
Academic Search Complete
Multi-disciplinary academic resource including humanities, education, language and linguistics, and arts and literature. Includes scholarly full-text articles from over 3,000 sources.
Literature Resource Center
Full-text database that includes biographical, bibliographical, and critical information on some 2,500 literary writers and their works. Use "Advanced Search" to search by author or topic.
Dissertations and Theses Full-Text
Indexes over 1.6 million dissertations and masters theses. Has full-text of most dissertations submitted digitally since 1997.
Back volumes for over 375 journals. Does not include the most recent two to five years, depending on the title. Includes sixty-three language and literature journals.
Project Muse
Focuses primarily on humanities and literature with full text of over 250 journals. Twenty-five of the titles continue coverage of journals in JSTOR.

Other Resources

Power Search
Search multiple databases with one entry. Keyword searching, cannot limit to scholarly journals. Best for simple keyword searches. Need to go to the actual database for more specific or complex searches.
Google Scholar
Searches concurrently "peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles from publishers, professional societies, pre-print repositories, universities, and other scholarly organizations." Will have links to full text articles available through our library resources.

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ipl2 - "Information You Can Trust" (merger of Internet Public Library and Librarians' Index to the Internet)
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