ANTH 2351 - C. Bowers Cultural Anthropology

The purpose of this guide is to provide some general information and to highlight the materials in Cornette Library for students of cultural anthropology.

Anthropology is an exciting and widely diverse field, but like many scholarly disciplines, knowledge and practice in the field of anthropology has changed dramatically over the course of the century. It is important to use good research skills and to apply good judgment in choosing sources and information.


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CC 1-960 Archaeology
GN 1-890 Anthropology. General area, including hominids
GN 281-289 Human evolution, fossil man, human paleontology
GN 301-674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology
GN 537-674 Ethnic groups, races
GN 550-674 By region or country
P 1-1091 Philology, Linguistics
P 101-410 Language, linguistic theory, comparative grammar
QL 737.P9 Primates

Reference Sources

Dictionary of Anthropology GN 11 W5 Ref.
Defines terms from archaeology, ethnology and physical anthropology, include early hominids. The date of publication excludes many significant developments, including primate research and the DNA, but the dictionary remains a solid source otherwise, especially for deciphering more classical works in the field.

Encyclopedia of Anthropology GN 11 E52 Ref.
Lots of images accompany the entries for this volume, including maps, and photographs of people and artifacts. Profiles of significant individuals are included.

Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology [netLibrary]
Excellent, current resource. Provides definitions of concepts and theories, as well as information on many cultural groups and key figures in the field.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mankind GN 307 .I44 v.1-20
This comprehensive and interesting resource describes regional and cultural aspects of human life. Vols. 1-15 contain articles about ethnic and cultural groups from around the world, arranged alphabetically by ethnonym. Vols 16-20 feature articles documenting cross-cultural characteristics of human existence, such as sports, music, social organization and religion.

World Atlas of Archaeology G1046.E15 W6 1985 REF
Rich illustrations, photographs and maps fill this atlas. Excellent volume for understanding important questions in archaeology, such as emergence of agriculture and human evolution and movement. Also provides excellent geographic subject material

Dictionary of Linguistics & Phonetics P 29 .C65 2003 REF
Thorough reference book for the studying language in technical and social ways. Includes descriptions of grammar and descriptions of concepts in language and linguistics.

Journal, Magazine, & Newspaper Articles - (Databases)

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Recommended Databases

Bibliography of Native North Americans
Most comprehensive listing of sources about Native North Americans. Full-text from other EBSCO databases, and linked via SFX.
America History and Life
Important citation source for North America post-Columbus. Full-text linked via SFX.
American FactFinder
U.S. Census Bureau information.
Academic Search Complete
Cross-disciplinary database with many scholarly, full-text sources.
Full-text, scholarly articles. From volume 1, issue 1 of each publication to about 3-5 years ago.

Recommended Journals

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